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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,038

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Romney's return

He will appear relatively "normal" in 2020. He's laid the groundwork already by calling out drumph.

Despite his magic pants religion BS

Fuck help us.

Can nobody stop K Conway talking non stop with BS


On msnbc right now she's talking over the interviewer with complete BS.


Just had to mute.

Why bother with her at all?

Another apologist for drumph on CNN now

Maybe she's been around but I just started watching

There must be an assembly line somewhere as these idiots repeat exactly the same talking points with their non-stop verbal white washing of faults in drumph.

It's really impressive that they repeat these words so rapidly without pause. The interviewers are unable to interject.

How is Howard Stern exempted from blame

His giggling encouragement of drumph is at least as bad.

I never listened to his puerile talk show as he is repugnant.

The clips with drumph are sickening enough.

Will anyone dare to be dressed as Trump this halloween?

You could be risking a serious problem

Another mushroom drumph surrogates pops onto msnbc

And immediately claims she did extensive research "last night" to prove that airline seats in first class did not go up in 1978. The guy tries to correct her and of course she denies his points. Shortly she turns to attacking HRC of course.

Ergo Drumph is innocent.

She's DR Gina Loudon

She said she counselled female sexual assault victims AS WELL AS men and boys SOME OF WHOM were falsely accused.

She sneaked that point in slickly.

Like a very rehearsed performance.

Drumph's ROI in the campaign will be negative again

Oh dear, more tax write offs?


Never cuts his losses.

Ivanka being served really weak questions - vetted audience?

She claims crap about providing child care etc etc

Now msnbc Tur gives her a big build up.

Andrea Mitchell of course

Do not invite that tawdry turd to the Inauguration

Can you imagine that skunk on the stage near HRC?

How disgusting.

Take a stand Hillary.

Do not give him the space.

Keith Olbermann's anti-drumph videos are so good

Must watch videos

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