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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,045

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Deplorables - here is Drumph's minimum wage and work plan for you and the rest of us

You will bid for your wages at the factory gate or the office door each day. Lowest bid wins.

No family leave.

No child care.

No sick days.

No holidays.

No whistling during 12 hour shifts.

No toilet breaks.

Intravenous food only.

Water by request.

Drumph seems to be unpopular with the UN


I'm worried about Nov 28

Do enough Democrats know about the change?

Or do the deplorables get to vote twice?

Goad the groper gladly

Goad him day and night till he gives up or until Nov 8.

msnbc touting a "poll" that shows drumph up 1%

To me I smell a rat.

How is that even remotely possible

Meanwhile Boris Shitstain is on crapping his pants with made up spin.

Drumph announces


Are they kidding us?

msnbc trots out yet another repugnant surrogate Hogan Didley (who we can rename as Didler)

Where do they find them?

He's full on insane.

And next "Many americans are upset about the state of the race, especially after Sunday night's fireworks"

I know its ambiguous but are they scraping the barrell bottom for any time filler?

Can we crowdfund a class action lawsuit

on behalf of all the small businesses he screwed?

Did none of them place a lien on his properties etc?


you need someone to write quips for you.

Open today's speech with:

Well , great to be here, enjoying my last days of freedom.

I actually meant to write she could grab the mic and say "Check, check"

MSNBC US Intelligence

drumph was briefed several times re Russian hacking

Lied last night
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