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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,055

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drumph's rabble remnants

They are down to the constitutionally confused and the permanently bewildered, the gullible and the insane.

My hatred of drumph is only matched by my fear for this country

He is a babbling fool but incredibly ignorant and dangerous.

Its getting worse each day as his deplorable rabble cheer for his BS.

Irs fascist culture and he is sowing the seeds of violence.

What a nasty knob.

Hope Keith Olbermann is doing a debate video summary

And we will need to keep it at the top of this forum

He lied about Russia / Putin

Lied about military matters, talked over the moderator when she tried to correct him on reasons for announcing the coming Mosul attack. Is that how he "listens"? It was like a Monty Python sketch.

Lied continuously as HRC pointed out

Karl Becker - undecided voter at the debate MSNBC now

A complete fuckin moron

Last question in the debate.


Unbelievable stupidity.

PR for the deplorables?

Tell them not to vote at all because it's rigged?

Who cares if they keep ranting after Nov 8?

They are shrinking away.

Drumph does not just grope for words it seems

The video shows his other deficienies

drumph's legs were shaking early in the so-called debate?

I thought his pants were moving while he tried to keep standing. Visibly weak?

Just a disgusting performance last night.

He is not in the least "presidential".

A total fraud.

drumphs lie count tonight?

Must be in the hundreds.


Call him out on the tax BS re audits.

Show us the IRS letter and show your tax returns.

HRC needed to attack his claim re Syrian refugees

They ARE vetted over about 18 months.

Missed a really important point there.

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