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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,100

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drumph will be dealt with by a Zen ninja

I would start by inviting him to explain how he functions with a mere two brain cells.

Debate shambles for drumph

Will the drumph be able to muster any conviction tonight?

Highly doubtful.

He must be near the final crackup?

If he still has the gall to attack HRC re her husband then he will crumble like the dried up old fossil he is.

He may bluster about "issues" but there will be no avoiding real facts and hopefully real time checking.

HRC just needs to set the bait and he will lunge and stagger in, then implode.

He looked like death warmed up in that so-called apology video.

He has no realistic policies. No grasp of facts. No idea about his own narcissistic behaviour. No sense of empathy. No morals.

No legs to stand on. So to speak.

I assume he will even show up.

Show your deplorable friends this


If that fuck ever writes a book about his campaign and it sells

that will be an indictment of our nation's collective IQ

Melania thinks drumph has the heart and mind of a leader?

Has he had a transplant since this morning?

drumph's "apology" for sexual assault does not fly

He's an admitted sexual predator and boasts about that.

Apology rejected.

What about a poll re Democrats who do not respond to phone polls?

I've had about 6 such poll calls.

I never respond.

There was a thread about this and it seemed that we dems do not answer these calls very often. So the results may be skewed.

Can someone who knows how to frame or setup such a poll here, do so?

Time to stamp out the Russian hackers

and the whole email crap fest.

Drumph encouraged them (Putin etc).

Amazing treachery.

Should be charged.

OMG drumph lies again in the video


"This is not who I am".

"We are losing our jobs"

"Clinton has run the economy into the ground"

Completely delusional.

This is an apology? Trying to weasel some spin for his own campaign while addressing the disgusting video EVIDENCE of who he really is?

A mongrel.

Will he now drop out

to save face.

Anything but become a loser?

Has Bill Bush had a good spanking from his mommy yet? Just joking.

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