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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,038

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Just like Hitler's excuse to invade Poland

The nazis killed some prisoners, dressed them up in German uniforms and claimed that the Poles had killed them tresspassing into Germany.

Now drumph's version:

Reported on Google News


Huffington Post
See realtime coverage

Donald Trump: Undocumented Immigrants Are Pouring Over The Border To Vote

CNBCHD female host claims 50% of the country wants drumph

Trying to bait Box CEO who supports HRC not just "for obvious reasons"

Closing Bell, Channel 762 Comcast Northern CA>

The whole channel reeks of drumph fans. Larry Krudlow is a frequent guest drumph lover.

Just awful bias.

I will move to WI

and work to defeat Ryan as he is such a scumbag

It will be a pleasure.

Especially even after Nov.

Either him or McConnell though he is safe for a few more years.

How many of us would it take to tilt the numbers against Ryan.

How is giving in to the "style" idea wise?

Just ignore their claim that Pence won on style. Call it for what it is. Its pure spin.

And it's not true. Shaking your head is not an indicator of style.

And any style display is not a valid debate winner.

Sam Harris roasts drumph

Its 14 minutes long.

I heard that trumph was born is turdistan

VP debate

Pence is yapping non stop spilling lie after lie. What an ignoramus. Trying to pin Iraq on HRC. Amazing.

Running down the economy.

Spouts the old tax lies. Reaganomics.

Another msnbc failure

Poor Chris Hayes invited another non-stop yelling drumph shrill who out shouts him.

Embarrassed to have watched this haranguing.


Draft dodger

Debt dodger

Tax dodger

drumph voters lapping up the lies

He must be paying them to come and cheer his stupid claims.

Only he can fix the tax code.

That alone ought to be their red flag

Claims he never went bankrupt.

It goes on and on.

Now they chant "lock her up".

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