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Member since: Tue Aug 23, 2016, 05:33 PM
Number of posts: 8,001

Journal Archives

What are the numbers for Dems vs Repugs in GA?

Can we get every Dem registered for the runoff?

Is Joe still going live tonight? Thought it was 5pm est

Can we start to feel confident yet? Serious question. Seems like Joe can declare - am I wrong?

NC looks good Joe ahead with 56% counted

Australia suppresses second C19 wave / surge


Seth Myers rips drumpf to shreds


She's letting the mouth yap on again and again In the debate

Rudy to release "Shirt Tucking for Dummies" shortly.

Cashing in on a certain audience

Why invest in Tesla?

Some insane projections. 41% gain over the next two years.

I bought some shares and intend to keep those for the long run.

Even if Hydrogen takes off Tesla can switch easily to that I guess.

Like switching from making cars to making tanks in WWII

Since a day ago I can't get Xfinity Stream to load

I can access my account with Xfinity but not the Stream area

Have tried reloading

Windows update tonight but that was after this issue arose.

Might be just my PC but wondering if anyone else has this problem.

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