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Member since: Sat Sep 10, 2016, 09:19 PM
Number of posts: 119

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Ohio not a tossup

But Rhode Island Is? MSM really trying to stretch the truth....

Truthyness Steven Colbert

Kids pick Hillary 52-35 439-99 ev USA Today

153,000 kids voted this year

Forgive me but I scanned channels and watched FOX talking about the RIGGED

election and how Trump was complaining . Trump contends there are 20 media executives that have it in for him. The anchor on Fox said it was rigged in his favor with non stop free airtime up until a few weeks ago, and that's how he won the nomination......just didn't expect to hear that on Fox.

is this how trump got started

John Candy in "Splash"

Trump arriving looks like he's heading to the gallows

just saw it on cnn

somebody help me on Ohio

I hear that it's not a battleground state anymore and that it is older and whiter. I checked the census and the white only population has stayed the same or dropped a % depending on how you look at it . All the other races have slightly increased. Also take into account this state is the closest race out there. I just don't understand it not being a battleground or worth giving up on......I also see non stop Clinton ads but no trump

this makes me feel better oldie but goodie OHIO

I'll never forget this moment

did anyone get reminded of sheen when trump said he was winning

What Lester Holt should have told trump

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