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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 10:37 PM
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+1. As an Xer I agree. Boomers simply don't get this

and the rage and desperation that is driving the younger generations.

Boomers grew up in a relatively safe and prosperous environment created by FDR and the Greatest Generation. They had the Cold War and Vietnam to deal with, but overall the West was in good shape compared to now.

All we Xers got was consumerism, Reaganism, crack pipes and crystal meth and a hollowed out economy and rising cost of living. We were told that the manufacturing jobs were leaving, but there would be limitless 'high tech' jobs for the future. Now followed by what the gen Y and Z are getting which is even less than we got. That is why so many have turned against 'the establishment' because they feel empty and betrayed.

+1. Putin is waging information warfare across the globe.

Trump was elected due to a major Russian campaign of disinformation, which helped him win a close election over Hillary, which then allowed him to appoint 3 Supreme Court justices which now cements the court's rightward tilt for a generation.

Russian hackers hack companies and gov't agencies all over the world on a daily basis. Russian troll farms work to control narratives online.

IOW, Putin has already committed serious acts of aggression against the West, yet has suffered few consequences and feels emboldened as a result.

To defend the West and democracy,

and stop Russian expansionism. They cannot be allowed to invade an sovereign country. The annexation of Crimea was bad enough and should've been dealt with more harshly.

NATO is already helping Ukraine, who wants to be in NATO, and only isn't due to West appeasing Putin, instead of standing up to him like we should.

Bill Clinton and NATO was correct in the 90s to deal with the genocide in Bosnia, and iirc had to go around Russia to do so.

In 1995 in central Europe, Bosnian Serbs had begun wiping out the largely Muslim population in their own country. That July, violence reached a climax when Bosnian Serb soldiers overran the city of Srebrenica and murdered more than 8,000 defenseless men and boys. "That was a real shock for everyone," says Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary-General. "And for that to happen in Europe, many decades after World War II, was something that nobody could sit back and swallow." In response, President Clinton initiated Operation Deliberate Force, a massive NATO military response. "He didn't blink," National Security Coordinator Richard Clarke said. "We knew that day that we had a commander-in-chief who was rational and comfortable with the use of force."

+1. Many PoC are already unhappy with

the direction of the Admin and the DoJ/Garland, and this move to prosecute a rising black woman in Baltimore DA Marilyn Mosby who made a mistake is a disgrace, while RW traitors like Trump and his cronies walk around free. There are many white business owners who abused the CARES act to the tune of hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions - yet a black woman is the one who becomes the face for CARES fraud.

Note to white Democrats: Biden/Dems can't win without strong support from black and brown Democrats. Appointing a black female Supreme Court justice is not enough - there has to be policies that black/brown voters want. Voting Rights and Police Reform should've been the first order of business.

How did Sara Gideon lose, wonder

if it was racism against a brown-skinned woman.

Gideon was a solid 'mainstream Dem' candidate, the perfect 'soccer mom' type, who led in most of the polling.

Yet Maine went for washed up Collins while also voting for Biden on the same ticket. If they voted for Biden, then why not also Gideon.

Just seems as there could've been a Bradley effect to this race, in what is a blue but also very white state.

This is obvious. It's amazing that some still don't get this.

Even if she did not face a primary challenge, she would not beat a Republican in the general election. AZ is a purple state where you need strong base support as well as independents to win. Sinema lacks appeal to both groups.

She's not John McCain, who was mavericky on some issues but still voted with GOP on their core issues. The AZ GOP always strongly supported him, as well as independents.

Sinema's votes against the minimum wage increase and against the carve out for voting rights - were fatal moves as they went against core Dem principles. 48 other Dems, including Mark Kelly from her own state, voted for the carve out. She has no excuses.

Abuse is rampant throughout both male and female athletics.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and in coming years I think we could see an awakening on this issue similar to the Catholic Church abuse that went unaddressed for years.

The other day I saw a story about an NHL player who said he was assaulted:

The Chicago Blackhawks settled a lawsuit filed by a former player who said he was sexually assaulted by an assistant coach during the team's Stanley Cup-winning season in 2010.

In an emotional, televised interview, Beach disclosed detail of his assault, how the team treated him, and the emotional fallout of his assault. Beach was 20 years old at the time of his attack.

If it's happening in the pros, then it must be rampant on the lower levels.

Liberals have given up the raunch sphere

and it costs us. Like it or not there are alot of people out there who enjoy (and are influenced by) 'junk food' entertainment.

In the 90s when I was growing up we had some big stars on our side (defending the Clintons) like Howard Stern, Larry Flynt, Hugh Hefner, etc. They were raunchy or un-PC when it came to sex and partying, but were committed to liberal causes, often against the wishes of their own mostly white male audience. Bill Maher sucks and was never on our side like those guys were, BTW.

Rogan fills that space that they did, but is RW leaning, and we don't have the equivalent LW leaning type to fill the space anymore. Charlamagne Tha God has become pretty big but again the typical liberal tends to tsk tsk his style.

Rep. Ruben Gallego is the perfect candidate

to primary her. He's a charismatic Latino and miltiary veteran with appeal to the Dem base as well as independents.

Voting rights and Civil Rights are a litmus test for any Dem - you see that 48 of them voted for the carve out, even Dems from red and purple states like Mark Kelly from her state - because they know what it means in the context of the past 60 years and what the modern day Dem party stands for. There can be disagreement on other issues but not core rights such as voting rights. She (and Manchin) sided with Jim Crow instead of MLK and John Lewis. She's finished. Manchin could also be finished as the Dem base won't come out for him and neither will the pro Trump voters (he voted to impeach fatass twice).

Basically Manchinema's instincts are bad and are rooted in outdated thinking about their being some large centrist bloc in America that values 'bipartisanship'. The reality is that we live in a base driven country now with both sides being dug in, and you're either on one side or the other.

It just shows how deeply embedded a racial caste system

is within much of our current world which was built upon colonialism. Many whites especially RW whites still see the world as depicted in that imagery, and who yearn for an overtly white dominant order where non-whites had to show deference to whites. Pretty much what is driving Trumpism and the RW's hatred of the BLM/woke-left movements that shine a light on these issues.
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