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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 10:37 PM
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Let's hear it for New York.

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Count on New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let's hear it for New York

The country is divided because RW chose to divide.

As you stated, the blue metro areas are the engines of production in this world - yet we're severely underrepresented in this system, ie the Electoral College, the Senate, etc.

Rural whites control the game, why this country is so backward, as blue votes matter far less than red votes due to the way the system is structured.

Blue America has the population, the energy, the purchasing power - we can easily boycott Red America and put the hurt on them until they stop their bullshit. We could easily get our food/goods from Mexico and Canada or from blue states/areas. Fuck'em. They wanted to play hardball well it's time to play hardball.

Cities are the base of the modern Dem party.

Metropolitan areas (ie, cities and their surrounding suburbs) are the blue areas of the country, also the most diverse.

It's deja vu all over again.

The party has been way too soft, walking on eggshells about Bernie, and should've gone in hard on him a long time ago.

His hardcore voters hate Dems and will never vote Dem; it doesn't matter if we kiss their asses or not, it's not going to work, and it only emboldens them to keep damaging Biden and the party like they did to Hillary.

The consolidation of rank-and-file Dem voters behind Biden IMO has as much to do with the Bloomberg camp and James Carville 'going hard' on Bernie during the week leading up to SC and Super Tuesday - as it had to do with Clyburn/Pete/Amy endorsements.

After the FL/AZ/IL primaries gave Biden an insurmountable lead, the party should've gone to Bernie and told him to drop out and endorse Biden, and if he failed to do this and instead wanted to make trouble then the party would have no choice but to unleash the oppo book (largely unused) against him and his wife.

Dems have been too soft and it's coming back to bite us - again.

Exactly, Bernie will not be the nominee.

In the tiny chance that Biden somehow is not the nominee (due to illness, scandal or whatever conspiracy theory the Bernie Bros are pushing on social media) - Bernie would still not have anywhere near the requisite delegate count and will not prevail in a contested convention, where the party would simply nominate a candidate/ticket to honor the spirit of the voters who chose Biden and who rejected Bernie.

Of course. "When someone shows you who they are,

believe them the first time." - Maya Angelou

Sanders is no liberal, neither is his base

whose views clearly are not in line with classic Dem (whether to the left or center) beliefs.

Their views are alt-left views - a fusion of anarchists, libertarians, socialists, communists - that ultimately despise the Dem party and its voters.

"I am not now, nor have I ever been, a liberal Democrat." - Bernie Sanders

What Bernie Sanders has said about the Democrats over the years - PolitiFact

Biden's numbers have been constant.

In the primaries he was national leader for a long time, then slipped, then his numbers snapped back to form on Super Tuesday.

Biden has consistently led Trump in national polling by +7 on average. (Harry Enten spoke about this the other day).

Biden is boring and gaffe prone but is viewed as genuine and empathetic - and experienced. I think this is what insulates him from attacks. People know/like 'Uncle Joe' even though he's not exciting.

He did much better with white working class voters (including in the Midwest/blue wall states) this time than Hillary did, who struggled against Bernie in this regard.

Biden's weakness is youth and progressives. Latino support is OK but could be better. Harris is still the best choice for VP because she's a star with the resume to be president. Warren may boost progressives but has little appeal to PoC. Klobuchar is another Kaine would not inspire the Obama coaliton enough.

This could be more 1980 than 2004, as the economy falls apart (recession, high unemployment) due to the pandemic and Trump's bungling of it.

The lack of rallies etc and social distancing helps Joe and hurts Trump.

Basically I think Joe will win the GE the same way he won the primaries. It will seem as though he's running a weak campaign, then will suddenly spring back and win by a good margin.

But we're going to have to work hard, also on downballot races.

Exactly, the alt-left is an illiberal left.

The alt-left is culturally libertarian and fiscally hard left, and rejects 'identity politics' which they see as alienating whites. This is abundantly clear on social media where they make their feelings fully known. It's not just about Russian bots, because many actual real life Sanders supporters and media outlets (Intercept,TYT,Chapo Trap House) parrot the same narratives. Many of them were against the Mueller investigation and the impeachment, and are sympathetic to Trumpism, dislike Democrats, etc. Basically the alt-left and alt-right are two sides of the same Putin backed coin.

If Sanders really cared about expanding his movement he would've dropped out and endorsed Biden, to build good will, get people united.

But this latest stunt furthered by his supporters (and Sanders has not come out to denounce it) is why regular Dem voters will never like the Bernie Bros/alt-left because of their toxic tactics - which are indeed unique to them - despite their excuses.

Millions can die AND a worse depression

if we fail to follow the advice of medical experts to flatten the curve.

If we do as the RW/Trump wants, people would be dying in the streets, many more sick, and the depression would be longer and deeper.

Covid 19 is not the flu. The flu has a 0.1 mortality rate and we have vaccines for it. Covid19 has a 3% mortality rate and we lack a vaccine or any prior immunity to it (is a new virus) thus it could kill millions.
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