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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 10:37 PM
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Reimagine the police.

Policing is a very difficult job, because they're put in positions most of the day they shouldn't be in - that we need trained social workers who can deal with those situations more calmly and effectively.

And for situations where we do need cops - most of them are not qualified at all for policing itself. I think this point gets lost in the background, but I strongly believe most of these guys/gals are physically, mentally and otherwise unsuited for these jobs - thus they reach for their gun first. A more physically fit, intelligent police force would be able to apprehend suspects and deal with these situations without needing lethal force. We need to fire all of the cops and rehire on stricter standards. The police unions are fundamentally the problem, as they stand firmly in the way of change.

Exactly, she probably had it all planned out in her head,

being an expert in how the law as it applies to these situations works.

She and her husband (it appears from social media posts) are big 'blue line' types. They likely are angry about the Chauvin trial, and in IMO were itching to 'kill a n----r'.

There's no way a veteran cop would mistake a taser (which is made of some plastic type material) to a gun which is heavier and made of metal.

Wright was a black guy who (like Floyd) would not meekly submit to white authority - and thus had to pay.
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