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Member since: Sun Sep 11, 2016, 10:37 PM
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What would FDR do?

There is no such thing as absolute rights, and a pandemic is a wartime situation that demands collective action and collective sacrifice.

Right now, the unvaxxed/anti-mask types are a pampered class that 'free-rides' on the herd protection offered by the vaxxed/masked.

We need to reverse that dynamic, so that the vaxxed/masked folks are the privileged, and the antivaxxed/antimaskers are second class citizens that find it difficult to operate in society. Use any/all legal, political, economic and social mechanisms to force them into a limited lifestyle so that they have an incentive to get vaxxed. Right now they have no incentive and are just free-riding as I described above.

Macron has correct mentality. A pandemic is a wartime situation

which calls for collective sacrifice, including temporarily curtailing of individual rights for the survival of the whole. The CDC made a grave mistake in lifting mask mandates etc too early before we got 80% population vaccinated. It gave the impression that 'the pandemic is over' and those vax hesitant/anti-vax types now have no incentive to get it. Basically we should use every mechanism to prevent these people from taking part in 'normal' society unless they get vax'd.

Dems have been asleep at the wheel on this issue

of voting going back as far as Florida in 2000 and then after Obama was elected with the first round of voter suppression bills. The GOP is dedicated to suppressing votes and stealing elections, but it often seems Dems are not willing to fight back as hard, and just expect black and brown voters and activists like Stacey Abrams to 'outwork' the suppressive efforts. Look what DeJoy did in trying to sabotage the mail - yet we don't see him being held accountable.
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