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Member since: Tue Sep 13, 2016, 08:13 PM
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Dems buzz about breakout stars of Trump's impeachment.

Dean, Naguse, and Castro may have put themselves in contention for higher office.


I read this in Frederick Forsyth's The Day of the Jackal.

"Like most fanatics, Rodin could blind himself to facts with sheer belief." That's illuminating, given the situation we're now in. We're dealing with people who believe things that aren't true. dump set them up for that with his constant lies and attacks on those who told the truth. His "Big Lie" is much, much bigger than our current understanding of it. His biggest lie is that truth is false.

So how do we deal with the believers of the lies? I can think of at least two ways. We can emphasize, constantly, that their leader betrayed them. Take away the focus of their belief, and they become unmoored. Then we can blunt their ability to hurt us.
Infiltrate them, gather damning evidence, arrest and indict them, put them in prison. Breaking up and scattering their organizations and bases of power will not give us total protection against random terrorist attacks, but it will make them more diffuse. These tactics have been used against terrorists in many first-world countries. We must employ them here.

Your hearts warm my heart. Thank you.

Schumer flayed the repugs; the turtle's condemnation of dump means nothing:

he voted to acquit. So he's standing up there blowing gas and revealing himself to be a monstrous hypocrite. On the other hand, Schumer gave a blistering condemnation of dump and the forty-three repugs who voted to acquit him.

Passing the Biden agenda will be bloody. The lines are drawn. I'm thankful that Vice President Harris will be there. And I'm thankful for the seven Republicans who recognized what was in front of them. Frankly, I don't see how the repugnant party can recover from their infamous conduct, today.

Wicked. It's time for the right word for the repugs

voting to acquit. They are wicked.

Congressman Jaime Herrera Beutler became a hero of mine

when she voted to impeach dump and eloquently defended her position. She might become an even bigger hero, now. This is a moment for star-making. It's a moment when a sane repug--no, that's not an olymoron--can rise to compete with the loonies.


We have at least one witness approved and others might soon follow. The door is now opened for any number of first-hand accounts to be put on the record. Who knows where this might lead, but I'm confident that there won't be significant refutation of what we already know, only--or mostly--corroboration. If they get to Goodman, Tuberville, Pelosi, anybody in the White House during the siege--any number of people--anything could happen.

A while ago, Mick Schmidt (NYT) said

that today's presentations [so far] had put it all together for him. He said he'd been caught up in the daily news cycle and didn't have a full picture of the whole thing. We're all like that. But today has immersed us in it, drawing lines between cause in effect. Any American who doesn't see the whole truth, now, isn't paying attention or doesn't care. And we know that some of those who don't care are sitting--or lounging--in the Senate chamber.

Some House manager needs to

tie the Big Lie theme directly to its use by Hitler pre-WWII--with film and a little history lesson. Don't let the connection be assumed. Tie it around his neck.

There's one part of dump's speech to the mob on 1/6

that has impressed me since that day. I haven't seen anybody comment on it. He said he'd be right there with them when they stormed the capitol. Of course, he didn't honor that promise. He watched it all on TV in the White House. Coward and conman from beginning to end.
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