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Member since: Tue Sep 13, 2016, 08:13 PM
Number of posts: 833

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I've tried twice

to post a link to a very entertaining vid. The 2nd time, I previewed the message, and the link was there. It still didn't appear in the post, so I deleted the 2nd one. I did use the link button. So here's the long way around.

At the HuffPost home page, a little way down in the left hand column is a link called WATCH: Stunt Biker Danny MacAskill Turns Scotland Into The World’s Most Incredible Obstacle Course. It's incredible all right--well maybe not so much when you see the outtakes at the end. Funny.

Maybe this will lighten your day.


PS. If you watch, be sure to still the outtakes.

Mike Pence can prove right now if he values the presidency more than his country.

He stands to be the candidate himself if the jerk withdraws. (I won't use the jerk's name again.) I think there's about a zero chance that the jerk will quit. So Pence should. He should make a pledge to the American people: either the jerk withdraws his candidacy by such-and-such a time/date, or I will withdraw as his running mate. The best face I could put on such a move would be that he respects his country and his espoused religion more than he wants to be president. The worst is that he would immediately become a repug hero, almost assuring his nomination next time. Whatever his motives, he can no longer afford to be on the same ticket as the jerk, a self-revealed sexual predictor.

Salon nails T-rump as I doubt I'd ever have thought to do:

he's Archie Bunker.


The troubling part.... After I stopped laughing, it came to me that Archie was a fictional character and a parody. DT is real and he's serious.

Regarding the photo of T-rump minuses gloating over elephant kills,

the elephant is the mascot/symbol/logo for the GOP. RIP GOP. (I've been brooding on the pic of minus proudly holding the elephant's trunk. At last, a positive thought emerged.) Maybe some of you versed in Photoshop could whip us up a meme.

Maybe you haven't seen this.

Mother Jones has a long series of articles (75!) called The Trump Files. I've read two of them: Trump reads Hitler and Andrew Dice Clay thanks Trump for hookers. Fun (read "deeply troubling" reading for a while.

Or this.... David Fahrenthold, the WaPo reporter that has been tracking down T-rump's "charitable giving," just told Chris Matthews that he has records of $258,000 given by the rumpster's foundation to settle legal fees, etc. That should give Eric Schneiderman plenty of ammunition. I hope nobody gets to Schneiderman and he acts in time.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren

about to appear on Chris Hayes' All In. A line from one of her speeches: "Donald Trump has more support from Aryan Nation and the Ku Klux Klan than he does from the leadership of the Republican Party." Tell it like it is Sen. Warrens!

I love it

that T-rump Jr's gas chamber keeps popping up. Every time, his use of "indiscrepancy" appears. So, apparently, T-rump didn't enjoy the Dad's excellent education. So, we can add semi-literacy to the ever-growing list of T-rump virtues.

Btw, Salon has a good article about T-rump's claims about his education.


T-rump and Pepe

Rachel Maddow just gave a detailed account of T-rump's connection to the alt-right, white supremacists, and Nazism. I new none of this; maybe you don't, either.

In a recent National Press Club appearance, held in the basement ballroom of a hotel, several people (I guess; they were white men) explained how they have adopted a cartoon character of a green frog, named Pepe, as a symbol of their beliefs and desire for a white-only nation. Several pictures of Pepe, from their sites and Breitbart showed the frog with a Hitler mustache, etc. Then came a picture of T-rump in cycle leathers, bulging forearms, and Nazi paraphernalia flanked by Pence, his sons, Giuliani, Christie--and Pepe, all similarly costumed. It was posted on T-rump Jr's Iinstagram account. Could it get any plainer who these people are?

The aforementioned white guys carefully explained to the press how whites are superior to African-Americans (not their term), Hispanics (ditto), Jews--in short, everybody else. And how Pepe is a symbol of all that. And how D. T-rump has given them legitimacy, how he's their leader. The National Press Club originally scheduled this abomination in their main facility. Then, they cancelled it. Then, they rescheduled it in secret. T-rump's son just associated himself with all those cretins with this almost incredible Instagram post.

Hello everybody,

I'm a lifelong dem. That's a long, long time. I read posts here for several weeks before signing up. Now, I'd like to get to know y'all. (I'm a southerner, living in a Tea Party hotbed.) I'm looking forward to more of what I've read here, and contributing when I think it's useful--or just plain fun.
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