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Member since: Tue Sep 13, 2016, 08:13 PM
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Faux "news" is no longer a repug favorite,

according to an article in Salon.


Of course, Faux hasn't changed. It's the repugs who have turned on them. Isn't it lovely when jerks and con artists fall out?

Once again, he leaves while she greets people.

There are actually moments when I feel a twinge of sympathy for that poor schmuck.

A standing O, and she deserved it.

That was brilliant.

We're about to see the difference

between class and trash.

In the same sentence, in the same breath,

the creep said "she'll make Obamacare worse," and "Obamacare can't get any worse."

Michelle Bachmann says that

electing Mrs. Clinton would "lead to even more sexual assaults against women." More big lies from the Nazi right.


I've tried twice

to post a link to a very entertaining vid. The 2nd time, I previewed the message, and the link was there. It still didn't appear in the post, so I deleted the 2nd one. I did use the link button. So here's the long way around.

At the HuffPost home page, a little way down in the left hand column is a link called WATCH: Stunt Biker Danny MacAskill Turns Scotland Into The World’s Most Incredible Obstacle Course. It's incredible all right--well maybe not so much when you see the outtakes at the end. Funny.

Maybe this will lighten your day.


PS. If you watch, be sure to still the outtakes.

Mike Pence can prove right now if he values the presidency more than his country.

He stands to be the candidate himself if the jerk withdraws. (I won't use the jerk's name again.) I think there's about a zero chance that the jerk will quit. So Pence should. He should make a pledge to the American people: either the jerk withdraws his candidacy by such-and-such a time/date, or I will withdraw as his running mate. The best face I could put on such a move would be that he respects his country and his espoused religion more than he wants to be president. The worst is that he would immediately become a repug hero, almost assuring his nomination next time. Whatever his motives, he can no longer afford to be on the same ticket as the jerk, a self-revealed sexual predictor.
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