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Madam45for2923's Journal
Madam45for2923's Journal
October 1, 2016


In February 1999, Seven Arrows sent an invoice to Trump Hotels, seeking reimbursement for the $68,000. The invoice makes clear that the people involved knew the trip was illegal—even though the effort was over, it discusses how Trump Hotels needed a government license before the travel to Cuba took place. It also describes a way to make the business trip appear to be part of a humanitarian effort by linking it after-the-fact to a Cuban charity. Some charitable efforts in Cuba were legal, so long as no American person or entity spent the money. No business enterprise solely to develop opportunities was legal—and spending even a dollar in Cuba was a crime. In the end, Trump Hotels did not seek a license, did not obtain an after-the-fact sponsorship from a charity but simply stuffed the records of the crime into a filing cabinet, apparently hopeful they would never be seen publicly. But Donald Trump, according to former company executives, knew about the Cuban trip (“Do you honestly think any of Trump’s top guys would spend $68,000 without clearing it with him?” one executive replied sarcastically when Newsweek asked if Trump knew.)

Soon after the invoice was paid, Donald Trump began planning a run for the presidential nomination of the Reform Party. He decided to first focus his run on Florida, a state with one of the largest number of electoral votes—by targeting Cuban-Americans. At the time, Trump could not proclaim that his company had just paid for an illegal trip to Cuba—at least not without guaranteeing both a loss in Florida and the launch of a criminal investigation. So instead, Trump decided to trick Cuban-Americans.

The first step? Writing an op-ed for the Miami Herald in which he proclaimed his steadfast support for the embargo he had just broken. The opinion piece was published June 25, 1999, just a couple of weeks before it was publicly revealed Trump was readying a presidential run. In his article, Trump wrote:

“Of course, (Castro) would love Donald Trump to come to Havana and build casino hotels. Why? Not to raise the standard of living for the people of Cuba. Quite the contrary. Almost every dollar would go to prop up his police-state. Why? Because foreign investors cannot legally do business with private Cuban citizens. They can go into business only with the Castro government. It is highly illegal in Cuba for anyone except for the regime to employ a Cuban citizen.”

Now, compare those words with the invoice published in Newsweek last week. Look at the date and the purpose given for why the $68,000 in expenses were incurred:

Reasonable people might conclude that the editors at the Miami Herald would be infuriated that the pages of their newspaper had been used to deceive their readers. Yes, you would think that. But apparently not.


More in link above!
October 1, 2016

I read Kurt Eichenwald's tweets! He's fighting the media, and Trump supporters everyday!

His Newsweek piece gets hacked. Please read him, follow him here: https://twitter.com/kurteichenwald I think this brave investigator needs our support.

Now he is angry at Miami Herald for reprinting Trump's editorial from 1999 when he ran for President (reform Party) the 1st time acting like he was for the Cuban embargo. He is calling them out because they reprinted without mentioning his Newsweek findings that in 1998 Trump had broken the embargo by spending money in Cuba.

Hey @MiamiHerald! U reprinted Trump 6/99 op ed supporting Cuban embargo today. Perhaps u should print this 2/99 invoice showing he broke it?



October 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton on the Issues! Plus 2 Latest Ads


2 places to finds most of her ads:

Hillary Clinton YouTube Channel:


The Briefing YouTube Channel:

Here 2 latest ads:

October 1, 2016

WaPo: Both third-party candidates would be terrible presidents


And his bonkers comments arguing that man-made climate change is real but that there’s no point in trying to stop it because “in billions of years, the sun is going to actually grow and encompass the Earth.” Or the time he high-fived George W. Bush about the fact that neither of them knew anything about anything. “Not one thing,” Johnson recounted proudly, when introducing his fellow anti-egghead at a rally. Johnson’s campaign tries to spin such ignorance and anti-intellectualism as proof that he’s “a real person.” And it’s true, he is a real person — just one who happens to be unprepared for the presidency.

So what about Stein? In brief: Despite being a medical doctor who knows better, she’s pandered to anti-vaxxers; expressed strong stances on high-profile issues, such as Brexit, only to abruptly reverse herself without explanation; and (along with running mate Ajamu Baraka) trafficked in conspiracy theories, among other disqualifying behaviors.

And independent latecomer Evan McMullin? (Who?) The most memorable thing he’s done thus far in the election is to accidentally pick the wrong running mate. These candidates have received relatively little media scrutiny, let alone attacks from competitors. This allows many Americans to think of them as the purer choices for the presidency. If all the mudslinging misses them, their feet of clay go unnoticed.

Which is precisely why they probably haven’t felt the need to do their homework. If you give them your precious vote, you haven’t done yours, either.

October 1, 2016

Mark Cuban on AM Joy shortly... also Eichenwald on Cuba/Trump story


Kurt EichenwaldVerified account
Watch @amjoyshow with @JoyAnnReid this morning. I'll be on to discuss my article about Trump violating the Cuban embargo./b]

October 1, 2016


Source: Newsweek

Russia’s newest nuclear submarine has been sent on permanent deployment to the country’s Far East, state news agency Itar-Tass reports.

Russia’s navy has made several moves to shore up its presence in the Pacific Ocean, as Moscow bids to display a strong relationship with China, while also spearheading talks with Japan and South Korea. Earlier this month Russia and China held an eight-day naval drill in the South China Sea, after Russia backed Beijing’s contested territorial claims in the region.

Now the Russian Pacific Fleet has announced the arrival of its latest nuclear submarine, Vladimir Monomakh, to its new permanent deployment base in the far-eastern Kamchatka Peninsula. The peninsula has access to the Sea of Okhotsk, shared between Russia and Japan and the Bering Sea, shared by U.S. and Russia.

The submarine was handed to the navy in 2014, eight years after construction first began and has since been in the jurisdiction of Russia’s Northern Fleet.

Read more: http://www.newsweek.com/russias-newest-nuclear-submarine-arrives-pacific-ocean-502851

Continues in link.
September 30, 2016


Long article. Here's the beginning:

The response of Donald Trump and his staff on September 29 to the revelation that one of his companies illegally violated the Cuban trade embargo during Fidel Castro’s presidency has exposed a growing problem for the Republican nominee: His campaign operation is disorganized and shares Trump’s disdain for facts.

Both the Trump campaign staff and the Trump Organization had been told for days by Newsweek that it was about to publish an article disclosing that a Trump company had paid at least $68,000 to explore business opportunities in Communist Cuba. Federal law at the time imposed tough restrictions against spending even a penny in Cuba, with the intent of financially starving the country, which for decades been categorized as an American enemy. While there were some exemptions, such as engaging in humanitarian work approved by the government, the Trump venture did not qualify for any of them, and once the Cuba business trip was over, consultants and Trump executives discussed ways to make the trip appear to be a charitable effort.

Newsweek’s requests for comments, documents and even an interview with Trump were ignored, which was unusual. Traditionally, when campaigns, companies and other professional groups are told that a piece about them is in the works, they will contact a reporter to find out the scope of the story, even if there is no plan to give a comment. That way, they can have a planned response ready when the story breaks.

On September 28, the night before Newsweek’s story on the Trump-Cuba connection was posted, The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC revealed the findings of the article, and Maddow read several of the opening paragraphs on the air. About 15 minutes after that segment ended, a Trump lawyer emailed Newsweek, stating that someone in Trump’s camp had searched the company’s records and found no documents proving the Cuba trip had occurred. The Trump lawyer suggested the magazine rethink posting the story.


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