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Gender: Female
Hometown: Wa
Home country: U.S.A
Member since: Sat Sep 24, 2016, 08:36 PM
Number of posts: 10,027

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Yes, this is an odd question, where is that Boris guy?

I thought it strange that the one immigrant he would have was Russian particularly when all of this business with Russia was going on. Am I the only one who thought there was something fishy about him? The election finished and he just went poof. Did he go back to Russia to share info or is he just plain citizen who went back to work?

We talk about people who are regretting voting for Trump now but

has anybody talked to or heard from people who did not vote at all and are now regretting it? Also, possibly people who voted for other presidential candidates on the ballot that regret not making a vote that would have ensured further that he might not have won?

I used to really not like McCain but lately

I have seen him making sense and have kind of gotten to have a little respect for him. Am I safe to be feeling that way or is he just hiding something?

If Trump is the least racist person you ever met

Then wouldn't that mean he would make damn sure none of his cabinet is?

OMFG!! with new news to make this more clear.

My boyfriend just called me on his way to Germany in Iceland. I found out that he was born to a German father and mother. His German father died on the Autobahn when he was 4 months old. His mother later met his American father while he was stationed in Frankfurt Germany. They got married and when my boyfriend was 3 his American father started procedure to adopt him which because my boyfriend was a German citizen and going through American law also it took until he was about 6 before it was complete. When he was 7 his American father died. Now his mother had had dual citizenship to the U.S by the time my boyfriend was born but he was born in a German hospital. He came here when he was 14 with his mother and had to take the citizenship test to become a citizen of the U.S. His mother died when he was 16 ( yes he has dealt with a lot of death ) so she is not here for them to check with. He is on record for being a protester and belonging to groups fighting the Republicans and that is one of the reasons they are picking on him, his protests go deeper than just standing on the street with signs but he has not broken the law though they did try to give him a felony for inciting a riot which they had to drop because they could not prove it and with this crap they are pulling they of course tried to bring it up. He by the way has 6 immigration lawyers a couple are in Germany and the others are in a few different states in America and except for paying $500 it is all Pro Bono. He does not want me to go to a news source at this time because he does not want to ruffle the idiots feathers at this time any more than they are already ruffled. He went to Germany by the way so he did not have to sit in a detention center which he found out by his lawyer would take longer for them to get the info and being free in Germany it would be faster to gather the info the assholes need. That is why he went to Germany so it was not forced...well not completely as they gave him a flippin choice of leaving the country or detention. He is also not entirely sure if we will end up moving to Germany...still kinda up in the air about that. I will try to answer questions but our talk was not very long as he was just doing a layover for a little while.

OMFG!! he got forced back to Germany!!!

I can not talk about it but I wanted to warn you so you know what is really happening. I am serious though I can not talk about it. I will be on to talk about other things but not this. THIS IS SIMPLY A WARNING!!

Resolution for OMFG!!! whos german boyfriend got called by ICE.

Thank you everybody for talking to me. He had gotten himself an immigration lawyer. They tried to do things like say he worked illegally when he was 16 but he had a work permit and he was also a citizen by then. They also tried to say he illegally worked when he was here when he was 13 but the problem was he was only traveling with a church choir from Germany and he was not getting paid for it. They also tried to say he had a felony which when they did real research he did not have one. They tried to pin stuff on him that if they had done real research they would have realized bringing him in was a waste of everybody's time. Once again thank you all for talking to me.


My boyfriend who has a duel citizenship with Germany just got called into immigration!! He is 54 and has had U.S citizenship since he was 15 and his father was also U.S army permanently stationed in Germany. I knew they were going to start picking on people with ANY type of dual citizenship. I know it does not help that he is into politics but now I am scared. I am about to cry.


Wait, a few sentences ago he said he does not watch the news but

just now he said he watches it!

He just praised the worst employer in the world. Walmart.

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