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Member since: Mon Sep 26, 2016, 12:31 PM
Number of posts: 2,848

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Osoff put up a very impressive showing in a repuke district...

This is actually very bad news for tRump. The very fact that it was this close is a very encouraging sign for us in 2018. Also I'm sure there was monumental voter intimidation. This all points to the fact that we have a excellent chance of taking the house in 2018 in my opinion. Don't get too down on this one - it was an uphill battle. And this strong showing is a step in the right direction.

How will rethugs react when they lose GA?

I fully expect Jon Ossoff to win this one. I feel the tides turning. But how will tRump and company take it? Will this stymie the agenda? tRump go on a twitter rampage, etc.?

Please, Please its too much winning we can't take it anymore!

Day by day tRumps "winning" continues to destroy the US. Some days I feel so down. Today is such a day. I know tRump won't last forever but wondering what others do to keep motivated?

Megyn Kelly's Alex Jones interview got lots of attention, but not many viewers

So Kelly's show is tanking. How long do you think the show lasts before its cancelled?


Why do people care about Megyn Kelly?

So a fox news anchor is trying to make it on a network and failing miserably, who cares? She interview the Alex Jones nut and now Alex Jones is leaking the interview before the air date. Looks like another fail for Megyn. I haven't even watched the show - is there anything worth tuning in for?

Drowning in Irony: Trump May Have Just Doomed His Own Properties

MAR-A-LAGO will be under water. Might be funny if that was the only damage...


It begins: Coal mine is opening soon.

Environment going down the tubes under tRump! He really doesn't care about our future does he?


...meanwhile tRump nominates federal judges.

While everyone is distracted tRump is reshaping the federal judges wherever he can. While everyone is concentrated on Russiagate tRump is quietly and methodically changing this country bit by bit every day. We need to stop this!

Chris Matthews: collusion "fell apart"

I'm done with MSNBC! The dribble that comes out of that rag is worthless I'm done with them all (except for maybe Rachel).

Its getting real - repubs close in on 2/3 control of state legislatures.

I have been away since election day - tough days. I'm not surprised by any of the stuff I'm seeing and I expect it to continue. But I was thinking about how bad it has gotten lately. Deplorables control almost everything in this country now. It looks like the SCOTUS is going down this week. They have both house's of congress and the POTUS. To make matters worse they control 32 state legislatures and most governorship's. The state control is what scares me the most. Constitutional changes can be made with 2/3 of states and if my math is correct that would mean 34 states. We need to start turning this around or who knows what the deplorables will do to the constitution and our country! They are on the verge of having the power to do literally anything they want. I'm scared. What are our safeguards to prevent this doomsday scenario?
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