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Profile Information

Name: Marco
Gender: Male
Hometown: Illinois
Home country: US of A
Current location: Illinois
Member since: Mon Oct 3, 2016, 11:34 AM
Number of posts: 117

Journal Archives

The token Muslim who has been singing Trump's praises has ties to an extremist group



Trump is taking credit for Pence's so-called 'victory' in last nights debate

Sorry if this has already been asked but:

Would it be possible to change my User Name?

Just lost my best friend because I would not vote Trump

Knew this dude for 20 years and he even told me he hope somebody kills me because I would not vote for a Republican


Eric Trump: We pay our share of taxes and beyond


Trump: Kaine ‘should not have been allowed’ to interrupt Pence


Poor Trump must be suffering dementia. How many times did Pence not let Kaine speak?

How can the Republicans claim to be 'The Party of Small Government and Christian Morals' yet:

Want to be able to control what bathroom you go to

Want to be able to control whom you are allowed to marry

Want to be able to police what consenting adults do, in the privacy of their own bedroom

Don't want to give a single dollar to help a struggling person, yet will demand to give millions of taxpayer dollars to a multi-million dollar private enterprise

Claim to be a Christian, then spout their hate of gays and minorities

Claim to be a Christian and then ignore what was basically the 11th Commandment, requiring that we help those who are less fortunate

See nothing wrong with Donald Trumps sexual escapades, yet still condemn Bill Clinton for the same

Do not see themselves as the holier-than-thou and self-righteous hypocrites they are

Why was Trump so adament about Obama releasing his birth certificate details

Yet will not release his own tax records?

Trump: ‘Kaine looks like an evil crook out of the Batman movies’


Really Trump? You can't refute what Kaine said, so you try to divert attention by childish name-calling?

Now you too can wipe your ass on The Donald

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