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Cakes488's Journal
Cakes488's Journal
October 26, 2016

Trump is singing the praises of the polls today.....is there anyone....

calling him out on this??? So far I see nothing. So yesterday the election, voting and the POLLS ARE RIGGED and today he's friggin quoting the ones putting him ahead.


October 20, 2016

Hillary is winning the Breitbart Poll LOL !!!

I saw someone complain on Twitter so I clicked the link and lo and behold she is at 59.35 and he has 40.65....I'm shocked.

October 15, 2016

Hillary's FaceBook page is filled with trolls...hardly any supporters...WHY???

Why is that??? I don't like that....I'm then compelled to answer these fools...try to add a little balance to her page.

I'm just so disgusted and ANGRY that anyone can think he is worthy of praise.....I've stayed off FB for the last couple of months because I just get enraged...I cannot help getting enraged.

October 9, 2016

Van Jones: It's not about the dirty words it's about the sexual assault...

and this is the guy who is the law and order candidate...let's elect a super predator to the white house..meanwhile, rabid Trumpholes are chanting USA in the background.

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