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Member since: Mon Oct 10, 2016, 07:38 PM
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La cosa nostra

Our thing

I have a question maybe someone can answer re: electric shock

In this tragic story below about two brothers who were electrocuted in Texas, the article says the boy stepped in a puddle near down power lines. I've read other news stories about people who were electrocuted after stepping into electrified water.

But I've read other places that you can't get electrocuted standing in water unless you are touching something metal or an electric appliance - that the touching the metal will make the electricity pass thru you because now you complete the circuit. Contact with the water alone is not enough to make the the current enter your body.


Is anyone in MSM saying rush to healthcare bill

Due to believing Trump not going to be around that long? And that the ensuing chaos around successor will make them lame ducks til 2018? I'm hearing budget reconciliation and other things, but not looming implications of Russia investigation.

Watching AM Joy and no word yet on Flynn flip.

The big lie and I never hear them called on it

We want to move from a government patient relationship to a doctor patient relationship.

Makes me want to scream. What we have is an insurance company doctor patient relationship.

And yes I prefer a government system over a for profit system when it comes to providing healthcare

I worked for an insurance company. The first thing
They think about is how can we deny coverage

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