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Member since: Thu Oct 13, 2016, 07:00 PM
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I've never had a President who looks like me...

For the first time, our President, as I fully believe will be Hillary Clinton, knows and understands us women, and we can relate to her and also appreciate what she's gone through in her years of public service, especially as she's climbed the ladder and shattered the highest glass ceiling. Though she's incredibly resilient and strong, passionate, brilliant, and goal-oriented, I feel protective of her. And I'll be watching to see just how the Republican men in the Congress treat her, in which manner they criticize her, if they cooperate, and whether or not they demean her. Any misogyny will directly affect me, and I would bet that it will affect most women in this nation, and we aren't a tiny minority either. We rose up to help defeat Trump partly due to his disgusting words and behavior towards women, and we'll do it again and again if those in the House and Senate do not treat President Clinton with the respect she deserves and all women deserve. We'll be watching.

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