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Member since: Sat Oct 15, 2016, 07:06 PM
Number of posts: 543

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I had no idea that "winning" so much would feel like this!

Trump was right. I don't know about you, but I'm really tired of "winning!" In fact, I'm completely exhausted from winning.

Maybe he could take a break from all the winning and just start reading what he's signing, and vetting his nominees, and learning about the three branches of government, and stop calling our allies - it's just not right to break up over the phone!

The main thing he seems to have won is Vladimir Putin's heart.

On a related note, I can scarcely imagine the valentine greetings they will be sending each other next week. But I think this is a bromance that could last a while. Especially since our killer values are so similar. So say Trump and Pence. Russia and the United States are just alike. And I don't know how I missed that fact all these years.

Anyhow, could we please stop winning for a while? It's stressing me out.

The REJECT Movement

In earlier posts - inspired by a post by IamFortunesFool - I was trying to come up with an appropriate and straightforward name for our resistance movement. After some thought, I came up with the REJECT Movement - Focused on --


Once again, I would be very interested in receiving feedback and insights from other DU members. Thanks in advance for your responses. - Dave

I'd like to suggest "SURGE UPWARD" as a name for our Resistance Movement

And to recommend that you examine the excellent post by IamFortunesFool - which precedes this one - and thoughtfully examines this question in detail.

First Lady, Melania Trump is thinking of taking on Cyber Bullying -

Can anyone suggest where she might want to start? Although I think we should generally go easy on presidential families, including the First Lady, I just couldn't pass up the irony that Melania is considering Cyber Bullying as one of her major projects. It's certainly a worthy issue, and I hope she can have a positive impact, but I think the majority of Americans are going to find this ironic and humorous.
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