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Gender: Female
Hometown: Lived in 14 states....no real roots
Home country: The good ole USofA
Current location: Madison WI
Member since: Sun Oct 16, 2016, 10:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,240

Journal Archives

I love their purr meows.

The end of common good and general welfare.

I really think that the ultimate goal of the republicans is to end any sense that we are all in this together. Once a tax break is enacted for the middle class it will be impossible to raise taxes on any income level in the future, that is why the standard deduction was doubled. There will be no concern about the deficit because that will be dealt with in the future as an "emergency", then the end of any social programs will begin. The dream of the GOP is to go back to pre-new deal economics and governing.

Prediction: we will bomb NK very soon.

As soon as the missile defense system is done being set up in South Korea we will bomb NKs known weapons factories and missile sites. Both China and South Korea know about it. We made a deal with China, probably to allow them to take over some islands they've wanted and some trade deal, and SK has been afraid of the missile development so want a strike. The meeting with Congress is to let them know about the strike.

Just a thought.

I lived CT for 10 years and I lovef it. It is too expensive

for me to retire in. I am just looking for a place to grow old in that is prepared for a rapidly aging population. I take care of my mom, and I don't want to do that to my kids. People live into their 90s and you can't do that alone .

Anyone here live in "The Villages"?

I went down to visit my aunt who lives there and I really liked it. I would seriously consider moving there. My aunt is a liberal and is doing fine, but I know that the area is overwhelmingly republican. How do those of you who live there like it?

Will the repubs and health insurance co. destroy the ACA?

Since the current administration and the republican congress hate the ACA might they collude with health insurance companies to cause the ACA to fail?

I'm having a heart


Thanks for the love.

Where should retirees put their money?

There hasn't been anywhere else to put money with interest rates so low, but is it safe to keep my money in the market? If not then where? With 45 in office I'm worried about both the market and treasury bonds.

Question about the Federal Reserve.

Now that the anti-FED crowd runs the show, does anyone have any theories about what will happen with Federal Reserve?

Just a big hug for whoever sent me a heart

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