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Don't take what I say too seriously...I'm a dumb-ass.

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Nevada's Clean Energy bills celebrated. Now about those auto emmissions...

And on a good note (a rare thing these days)...

Environmental groups, Democratic lawmakers and Gov. Steve Sisolak celebrated the clean energy agenda passed during the 2019 legislative session, but there were also calls to take more aggressive action to protect public health from auto emissions.

The RenewNV Coalition, members of which include are but not limited to the Nevada Conservation League, Chispa Nevada, Battle Born Progress, and the Sierra Club, released a clean energy scorecard on the 2019 legislative session last week. Sisolak and several legislative leaders attended an event marking the scorecard’s released. The governor and Democratic lawmakers all earned a score of 100 percent.

“I haven’t gotten a 100 percent in a lot of years,” Sisolak joked. “I think it was second grade, the last 100 percent." “We are well on our way to reducing carbon emissions from our energy sector, but actually now transportation is the number one source of carbon emissions,” Assemblyman Howard Watts said at the event. “We have health impacts related to that transportation pollution.”

The most important next legislative steps is figuring out how to move away from fossil fuel transportation to electric transportation, said Watts.

Watts was the sole sponsor of successful legislation that provided weight and length exemptions for electric semi-trailer trucks.

“Those put out some of the worst diesel pollution. We’ve all been blasted by them,” Watts said.

In an interview, Watts said he believed there is support in the Legislature to emulate California’s mandate to increase sales of zero-emission vehicles and auto emission standards, the nation’s toughest. Thirteen states and the District of Columbia have adopted California’s standards.

State Sen. Yvanna Cancella, who chaired the Growth and Infrastructure Committee where much of the session’s clean energy legislation was passed, similarly touched on the environment and health impact of pollution on air quality.

“The number one reason that kids miss school in Southern Nevada is because of asthma,” Cancella said. “And that’s a direct result of air pollution and air quality.”

The Clark County Department of Air Quality lists one basin in Nevada as an “ozone marginal nonattainment area,” meaning it does not meet EPA national ambient air quality standards for ozone.

That basin is home to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Area, where 7 out of 10 Nevadans live.

“When I began my campaign I promised to support legislation and executive action that cleaned our air and cleaned our water increased renewable energy standards and put Nevadans on a path to 100 percent carbon free emissions.”

For the most part, conservationists agree that Sisolak has kept those campaign promises.

During his campaign Sisolak said he would support community solar projects and later signed a bill, AB465, sponsored by Democratic Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe Moreno that promises to expand solar access, reduce rates for some low-income customers, and expand job training and placement opportunities in the solar industry.

“Expanding access to solar especially among low income customers must be included as part of a comprehensive plan to reach our renewable energy goals,” Sisolak said.

In May Sisolak signed Nevada on to the U.S. Climate Alliance— a group of governors committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement— after pledging to follow the agreement and the Clean Power Plan.

He also said he would raise the state’s renewable portfolio standard to 50 percent by 2030 in order to move Nevada towards 100 percent renewable energy. In April Sisolak signed into law SB358, a bill by Democratic Sen. Chris Brooks which increased the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard to 50 percent by 2030 with a goal of 100 percent carbon-free energy by 2050.

“By signing SB358 Nevada has finally reclaimed its clean energy leadership role by having one of the highest RSP standards in the country and the benefits are endless and more to come,” Sisolak said.

While Sisolak did not call out President Trump by name he said, “Nevada is making it clear that we will act together to combat global warming even when others on the national stage fail to do so.”

read more at https://www.nevadacurrent.com/2019/08/19/clean-energy-bills-celebrated-now-about-those-auto-emissions/

FBI Agents Association calls for domestic terrorism laws

While the Trump Justice Department earlier this week declared 'black-identity extremists' to be the nation's greatest domestic threat, the FBI Agent's Association calls for domestic terrorism be codified into law.


Political suicide...rant.

That's what I keep reading here at DU it seems a hundred times a day.

I may be wrong, but IMO if the Dems want to pass anything at all in today's political environment they're going to need a veto-proof majority. Dems could float a resolution declaring day to be day and night to be night and Repubs would denounce it as socialism.

Right wing billionaires telling me to be afraid of socialist policies, left wing billionaires telling me to be afraid of socialistic policies, blue dog Dems telling me to be afraid of socialistic policies. All my favorite right wing pundits (/s) telling me to be afraid of socialistic policies.
Sounds like everyone seems to have the same script.

Meanwhile the Repubs deconstruct the federal government as we watch and everyone counsels caution. This is a fight for the existence of our democracy and our planet.

Democratic hopefuls to appear throughout Las Vegas Valley this weekend

Ahead of a candidate forum this weekend at UNLV, Democratic presidential hopefuls are lining up events around the Las Vegas Valley in an attempt to bolster their support among Nevadans.

The forum, hosted by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Saturday at the UNLV Student Union. The forum is a members-only event but will be livestreamed at publicserviceforum.com. It’s the largest gathering of presidential candidates in Nevada so far, with 19 of the 24 declared Democratic candidates currently scheduled to attend.

Here's your chance to rub elbows Nevadans...a look at some of the candidates’ schedules going into the weekend.

more at https://lasvegassun.com/news/2019/jul/31/democratic-hopefuls-to-appear-throughout-las-vegas/


Children evicted following their mother's ICE detention

On a rather muggy July morning, 21-year-old Omar Arellano Cruz and his 16-year-old sister Kimberly are in a time crunch to pack up all their possessions, clear out of the home and relocate to a new place.

While Omar calculates financials and reads through page after page of an application to a potential apartment, Kimberly, along with a handful of volunteers from the Latino outreach nonprofit Mi Familia Vota, stuff belongings into boxes and pile the contents of their home into a U-Haul.

As much as evictions are never planned, Omar, Kimberly and their youngest brother, 12-year-old AJ, weren’t prepared for the shock and financial constraints that comes from suddenly forced to move.

Their mother Adriana Arellano Cruz, was detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement on July 10 and still remains at its detention facility in Henderson. The children, all U.S. citizens, have been forced to deal with the aftermath.

more at https://www.nevadacurrent.com/2019/07/30/children-evicted-following-their-mothers-ice-detention/

I don't even have the energy anymore to express how pissed off I am.

Nevada Rep. Titus joins call for Trump impeachment inquiry

U.S. Rep. Dina Titus of Nevada is joining about 100 Democrats in the U.S. House in calling for an impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

Titus, a Democrat who represents Las Vegas, announced today that her decision is based on what she called "mounting evidence" that the president repeatedly broke the law to protect his own interests.

Not a lot more to the article...https://lasvegassun.com/news/2019/jul/29/nevada-rep-titus-joins-call-for-trump-impeachment/

Longer article at...https://www.nevadacurrent.com/2019/07/29/titus-joins-calls-for-impeachment-inquiry/

Just an odd thought about my current feelings and an elevator

It's like I'm in an elevator that stopped moving and the lights went out. The lights flicker back to life. Trump is the guy crouching in the corner screaming at the top of his lungs for what seems like aeons and everyone is looking at each other hoping someone else will cold-cock him. Know what I mean? It's like a bad movie and they locked the theater doors.

So...ready for the MSM pundits to begin telling us why the Jim Crow South and slavery were good?

and fundamentalists explaining that Jesus was really a MAGAT?

Just my snark for the day...or maybe reality?

The Rubicon has been been crossed

Trump's pulled out all the stops on his campaign for a Caucasian America. Are you listening corporate America? It's time to pick a side of the fence. As consumers we have the power of life and death over you. We are waiting for your response, but not for long.

Anyone that hasn't jumped ship by now is part of their team, and as such is irredeemable in my eyes.

(Don't) Turn On Tune in Drop Out

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