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Member since: Wed Oct 26, 2016, 05:18 PM
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Don't take what I say too seriously...I'm a dumb-ass.

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Catch the Wave...in recognition of Andrew Gillum's primary win


'Bad economic theories that have guided the policies of both parties for more than 30 years'

Food for thought...just want to toss some economic realities into the political conversation. 'Economic policy agenda that necessarily balances the interests of business (the few) versus the interests of labor (the many)' is a losing platform and a recipe for inequality. Article is by Nick Hanauer, Seattle-based venture capitalist.


'Democrats need to stop balancing the economic interests of the top 2 percent against the interests of everyone else and start focusing on the needs of the majoritarian centeróthe 80 percent of families who have been left behind by 40 years of trickle-down economics. Raise wages now. Thatís the kind of pragmatic centrism the majority of Americans truly want, and that our economy needs.'
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