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Home country: USA
Current location: NJ
Member since: Fri Nov 4, 2016, 08:11 AM
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So that's it. Rump will dominate the airwaves to win

Not giving Biden a chance to be heard is his strategy. Talk I bg over someone is showing dominance.

I truly object to the msm using the word princess

I truly object to the MSM using the word princess when they are addressing Ivanka. These grifters want more than anything to be identified as America's royal family. The more we address her as princess the more we are giving credence to her court, even in jest.


Who gives a 17 year old an AK15? Who drives a kid across state lines with a gun?

Where does he get the money and the guns? This is not normal. Oh, excuse me, I forgot that nothing is normal in these times. As liberals, we need to stop being shocked by this and expect to see more of this sort of indoctrination. We need to expose these people as criminals. This is clearly premeditated violence and I'm wondering, how does a 17 year old come up with this stuff alone?

Does anyone know which states Kanye is on the ballot?

Because if he's listed mostly in the battleground states then he's definitely a tool of P45 and not just a fool.

Herman Cain had a choice between life and death.

He chose to not wear a mask. He chose to disavow this virus, in doing so he chose not to value his life. These choices influenced others to follow his example by not wearing masks or taking precautions. I don't think he benefitted the public so he's becomes just another stat for the covid death count.

SHitler's brown shirts on the move

They've used Portland as the training ground for what will be one of many cities they will invade. In Portland, they've already violated many laws in the name upholding law and order. The people who are housing, feeding and transporting this army are, in no doubt, paid well. During these times when many people are out of work and facing evictions, there will be plenty of wayward folks to help them. So who will speak out? They are moving towards Chicago next. No doubt, they will find some weak and greedy folks to get them positioned to wreak havoc in this "bigger" City. I've no doubt they begun to target other cities by installing Gestapo units. Watch out Seattle, Boston, New York -you're on a target now. Soon they will be enough of these brown shirts to be stationed at evey polling place by November. We've always thought this administration couldn't go any lower in their actions but everyday they've proven that they can go lower- by breaking laws, breaking Constitution rules, breaking our democracy. Thanks for letting me rant. I seem to do that a lot lately.

So the GOP who supports this cretin knows he's lost it

They are still trying to get him reelected knowing full well that within a year, he'll be nothing but a shell for them to play out to audiences. Recent signs have shown that this man is developing dementia, losing his cognitive abilities, yet rather than expose this mental retardation -the GOP traitors are uplifting him to a higher status. They know he's useless and was hoping to play him these past four years. Little did they realize the orange, maskless, shtheadcant can't be convinced to play with them because of his bully mentality. Now, they are hoping to do it again because they found the monster's weak link, appease to his ego, and he'll sign anything. None, of which the demented one knows or cares about, except to get his picture with his signature in the news. With their Frankenstein developing dementia, do they think they can better control their puppet, after they steal the election the next fours years? GOP traitors.

Why are were so afraid of the cops?

Growing up we were taught to respect authority and the police will always be there to help you. We learn to trust the police.
Over the years, we learn that the police presence is all that is needed to stop any wrongdoing. We learn to fear them. Now, the militarized police have total authority, not to be questioned. We learn to keep our distance from them. They know everything about us. They have access to our homes and businesses. We need an agency that have tabs on them, addresses, names, recorded recognition and discipline. The police force needs an outside, government accountability group who will keep tabs on them. Then the balance order will shift back to where we can once again place our trust in this group.

"Defund the Police" does not work I suggest

"Police Education, and Socialization" - PEaS for short. They need re-education and re-socialization with their community members on their beat. What do you suggest?

Recent events remind me of the movie "The Purge"

I think the altright groups have been waiting for this since the day the big turd was elected. If protesters can get organized, they can help expose the truth about these imposter postesters.
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