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Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 12:05 AM
Number of posts: 844

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A third heart!

Thank you yet again kind stranger. I know I donít post all that much compared to many on DU, so that even got one was a surprise. Now that Iíve got three Iím pretty well astonished.

Chalky Candy Hearts (and words)

Chalky candy hearts and words to break the ice
Were all in your mouth
When you were five writing your first valentine

You drew two stick figures holding hands with crayons
And put a box at the bottom that asked if she like liked you.

You didn't ask her yes or no, and knew nothing of romance
(and still don't)
You even wrote your own name on the front Ė but not hers
(so she'd know who to give it back to)

Boy, you were coy Ė slipping the card in the locker she shared
With some other girl you never like liked.

Then you waited around the corner and watched for her
Pretty blond head to come into view
But the popular girl she was Ė she got held up.

Chalky candy hearts and words to break the ice
Dissolved in your mouth
When a girl you never like liked opened her locker.

You thought you might die
When you were five
And she read your first valentine
But she smiled and waved
(and wrote yes in the one box you did provide)

All The Recent Republican Hysteria Over Texts

Kinda makes me want to see their texts. You know since they are such projectionists and all.

Can you imagine what Trumpís texts look like , or Kellyís or Nunesí ? Mueller might have all the proof he needs on the Russia probe inside 5 minutes of perusing their text logs.

Thank You For The Heart!

I donít know who gave it to me, or why, but now I donít feel left out of the hearts club.

Anybody know the extent of what a shut-down means ?

I know itís not a total stoppage of all government, because when they talked about it in Obamaís admin they specified things like forced closure of National Parks ; and possibly late payments of stuff like social security disability.

But does this mean that Congress goes on mandatory recess to avoid spending tax dollars or that Trump could basically shutter the FBI for a period?

Craft Beer Group! Sound Off And Add Your Name

I brought this up a while ago and did get some good response. But now Skinner has given the official go-ahead to see if the interest is there.

So please, if youíd like to see a Craft Beer Group on DU add your name here and lets get it done. I love beer and I love to share with friends. I know I canít share a pint with you all through the internet but as a truly global community I know there has to be others out there on DU that feel the same.

If you are a home brewer you can drop science on us or discuss successes and failures. If you are just a drinker like me iíd love to know what you are drinking, whatís going on in your local scene, and what do you think about whatís happening in the industry.

2017 - Albums Of The Year

Waxahatchee - Out In The Storm

Jason Isbell ( and The 400 Unit) - Nashville Sound

Rural Alberta Advantage - The Wild

Spoon - Hot Thoughts

Sean Price - Imperious Rex

Beck - Colors

Iron & Wine - Beast Epic

The New Pornographers - Whiteout Conditions

Old 97ís - Graveyard Whistling

Cloud Nothings - Life Without Sound

Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - Soul Of A Woman

Spiral Stairs - Doris and the Daggers

Langhorne Slim - Lost At Last Vol. 1

Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - Lotta Sea Lice

Ryan Adams - Prisoner

An additional album that didnít make my list / collection till this year because of itís Christmas Day release last year is Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 3

Dont Lose Heart Minnesota!

Today is sad, and you have every right to feel hurt and disappointment no matter where you fall in the current debate. But you as a state wide populous picked a good one before. You can do it again. It may not be Franken, but you can still hold the seat for us in the name of decency and democracy.

If you feel let down by leadership of our party in this move that is your right - but donít back out and give Rís another senator, please. Donít despair. Use your voices and your votes to again send an ally of all of us to Washington.

Can We Have A Craft Beer Group?

I would be interested in being involved with it. Good beer is a passion of mine and since DU is a global community I thought it would be an interesting cross section of enthusiasts.

Lawfully Awful

Lawfully awful
Scrotum of a POTUS
Supposed to be a pillar
But he's fake news - all filler.
Yuge' ego - tiny dancer
Democratic cancer.
Never had an answer
Just a carnival barker
A vile bile barfer.
Wannabe flag bearer
Paper tiger shit talker
Tweeting from a toilet
Bleeding from wherever.
Slag em , bag em, grab em
Because stardom
Never stopped him.
Irritated tangerine
Dreaming of a wall
Enough to see through
Like the sheet he wears to rally
When his feelings hurt badly.
Has the White House
Longs for gold towers
Loves golden showers.
The confederacy of Trumpets
Blaring in the halls of power
Tell of still a darker hour
While the world waits for Mueller
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