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Member since: Sun Nov 6, 2016, 12:05 AM
Number of posts: 844

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Will Anyone Challenge Fischer in 2018 Senate?

She is a disaster , and is so far going unopposed. Sure, it's early - but we need to put up a fight here. Even unopposed she is much more vaunerable than someone like Sasse ( who just won with 60% +)

I think Deb only got something in the 40's last time when challenged by Bob Kerrey.

Anyone know of possible candidates? I like Kleeb whenever I see her talk issues but I dunno if she's looking at this seat.

We talk of the 50 state strategy, lets put it together!

Breaking : Another Dead Russian

I'm not good with links but just minutes ago I saw Abramson breaking this via Twitter. Putin's former media czar dead today -- he is another key link in the election scheme and it's believed (at this time) that he was due to talk to Feds very soon.

Someone with more forum skills please add the tweets , thanks

A Crusty Voice In Washington???

Trump just said McCain was a crusty voice in Washington when wishing him well and admitting they desperately need his vote to repeal Obamacare. If McCain is the deciding vote , with his pre-existing condition and all , I will lose all respect for the man. The cruel shiit irony of this is disgusting.

Crater Lake

A blind man sees
Crater Lake
reading a scale model
with his hands.
The interpreter
tries to describe
the myriad of
blueish hues -
the sky's reflection
plays upon the water.
The blind man
thinks he remembers
something of the color
from childhood.
When asked
about distance -
he says he knows
from walking.
In darkness,
he doesn't mention
and smiles.
Imagining -

Do We Even Have 17? Yes we do!

People on tv are giving this the soft kind of pass - saying well, he obviously hasn't learned this yet. It must be taken for the damnable lie it is at every turn. All 16 intelligence agencies and the DNI office should be shouting from the rooftops that yeah - we exist, and we agree on Russian interference. Right now they are seeming to take the easy route and imply Trump is clueless ; at least about this issue he isn't - or if he truly is, needs to shamed to acknowledging our own institutions. This is a plan to undermine any and all consensus within our system and is a direct attack on our own protective infrastructure by Trump.

Could Trump Just Run Away?

It occurred to me yesterday that with Trump about to go abroad for the first time as Pres at the end of the week that he might not return. As fast as this is unraveling in the past week it might not be beyond possibility. Say he's over in Italy a week from today and the Repugs finally turn to call for a special prosecutor when they see these memos..

All I'm saying is it wouldn't surprise me at this point. In fact given his ego it seems more likely that he'd just disappear into the ether as opposed to resign or ever admit wrong doing. Then you'd end up with Trumpanzees pitching conspiracies about him being killed by Obama's deep state or some such poop.

Why Now With WikiLeaks?

Dunno if it's been talked about much but after hearing Pompeo (sp?) a turd who was actively retweeting WikiLeaks stories on Hillary in the campaign suddenly denounce them as non-state and hostile - I have to wonder, what changed?

Putin is pissed and just had meeting with our one man state dept. We know Vlad runs WikiLeaks when he wants to. So my thinking is he sent a warning in that meeting that he just might have them dump on Trump. The condition might be that we don't strike in Syria again - because Trump backed away from it the same day.

Only now he needs the distraction elsewhere so we're suddenly issuing ultimatums to kooky nuke boy in Korea

Question About The Tax Returns??

So when an individual on a committee asks for something official - specifically in this case Trump's tax returns - does the request have to come from the committee chair, or a request signed by a majority of the committee members? I was hearing today that someone on the the Senate Intel asked for them , but if it's got to come from the chair I won't hold my breath.

My Snowflake Retort.

Not sure if anyone thought of this as a response to being called this little chestnut of 'snowflake'. But a while ago this one came to me....


Feel free to use and share. And if your trumpy acquaintances persist tell them to soak it up. Lol

The Age of Computer

The Age of Computer

In The Age of Computer
I'm with stupid
We're all with stupid.
The Russians have a puppet -
No, it's not a Zapruder
In The Age of Computer.
Just a haze of confusion
For your daily infusion
So much losing -
You'll get tired of losing
In The Age of Computer.
Fake news is fake
And facts are facts
But it takes two to tango
And your strength was never math
In The Age of Computer.
400 pound hackers
Rest comfortably in bed
CozyBear and FancyBear
Might be FozzyBear he said
In The Age of Computer.
Hillary's a satanist - Milkin' her tits -
And Podesta's risotto got blood n it
It's a secret, a secret!
Till Assange leaks it
In The Age of Computer.
We need a businessman for prez
But his business is his business
And confirmation bias is his brand
That, and tiny, grubby, grabby hands
In The Age of Computer.
The Alt-Right Sig Heils
To a shitty orange hairpiece
While the rest of the world, reviled
Wishes for a ctrl+Alt Delete to 2016
In The Age of Computer.

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