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Watchfoxheadexplodes's Journal
Watchfoxheadexplodes's Journal
July 14, 2017

I know distasteful but some brave soul

Check and see how fox news is reporting the rain of shoes today.

Of all days to be on the slow side of the internet grr

July 14, 2017

Could fox and friends be baiting trump?

We all know they love it when trump acts like a buffoon on Twitter and pumped his "I'm gonna be angry " referring to another trumpcare collapse.

This morning doocy railed on how bad the new bill was while airhead and kilmeade tried walking it back.

Could they be baiting their favorite morning guest into a angry tirade?

July 13, 2017

Note to the real media

Simply report trumps lies and bullshit and STOP having his surrogates on your programs.

It is time to stop pussy footing around this maniac and his cronies.

July 13, 2017

Will trump send get wells to President Carter?

Or insult him at same time?

July 13, 2017

Bat crap crazy fox news hosts ok with 0 WH press conferences

Every crazy one on fox has sorta said it.

"What information do we really get at a presser?"

"The President is reaching the public via Twitter "

O boy

July 12, 2017

Martha Maccallum tries to get Krauthammer to change

His position on little Don.

"Charles last night you had a pretty strong opinion on possible collusion, now it's been 24 hours would you like to reassess your position?"

I don't like Krauthammer but he seemed to have integrity not budging from last night.

He said: "The evidence of collusion is there"

July 12, 2017

So..i was told to rob a bank

The leader of the gang tells me what bank to rob and that we are going to be rich. He then sets up all the things I will need plus two henchmen.

We arrive at the bank where with guns drawn we terrorise dozens of people. Then the bank manager tells us all the money in safe was just picked up but there is a few hundred we are welcome to.

Well since we are not going to be "rich" heck we change our minds just as cops walk in.

Why are we being arrested????

July 11, 2017

All of a sudden Trey "BIN GAZZI" Gowdy does not

"Want to play a lawyer on t.v. "

Omg he just told Martha mccallum that on fox when asked about Don Jr.

July 7, 2017

Soooo.. when does fox start flying Russian flag??

"Trumps g20 trip "reaganesuqe"

"President Putin seems to agree with President trump on meddling "

Notice President Putin not just Putin.

Eric bolling should be smiling ear to ear tonight when he vomits this narrative.

July 6, 2017

Shepard Smith lays smackdown on fox narrative AGAIN

I like this guy

Pinhead on fox right before shep called protests riots. Smith went out of his way ten minutes of his lead in to call them mostly peaceful protest and NOT RIOTS.

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