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Every day of our lives is a crap shoot, many are now finding that out ...

unfortunately it takes a pandemic for people to see the flaws in our system. I've been 'trained' over the last decade to pay attention to the simple things after my husband had two stem cell transplants for AML. We learned to pay attention to sponges and toothbrushes, hand towels, hand shakes etc. This is hardly anything that is not known, stay safe and always look out for those who are more vulnerable.

Media buys and Super Tuesday, place your bets ...

a family member has been in the business of buying media for decades. Whoever your preferred candidate might be, exception of Bloomberg, now is the time to donate. I've always leaned more liberal so I know where my donation will be, although I've given small amounts to many Dems.

Sanders pushes to advance the issue while working within the system ...

but he never fails to mention the ultimate goal and moving the needle in a certain direction.

Other countries have figured out how to deliver HC to the majority of their citizens at a lowest cost, why are we so behind?

We cannot expect to remain a great nation if our citizens are unhealthy and undereducated. This did not just crop up overnight, we have been declining for decades, all the while shouting our nation is the best, slogans only get one so far.

You have to continuously move the needle in the direction you think is the best, Sanders understands the long game.

I would have loved a Sanders vs Trump matchup.

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