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Name: Kurt Cagle
Gender: Male
Hometown: Cascadia
Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 02:02 AM
Number of posts: 1,353

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Contributing Writer, Forbes Magazine

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Narcissists and Their Downfalls

There's a very interesting trait that seems common to narcissists. For many of them, the thrill comes in the race, the election, the corporate climb up the ladder. Once they reach a given rung, however, they often find doing the actual job to be overwhelming, and most of all, not fun anymore. The adulation of the press, the enormous rallies, they get replaced by routine, hard work, and increased scrutiny. At that point the narcissist sets his or her sights on the next rung of the ladder, claiming other people's work as their own, using character assassination, trash-talking rivals while insuring that potential enemies from below are eliminated.

The problem comes once they reach the top. There's nowhere else they can go but out of the organization, and by that time they've left it in shambles. Often times they become increasingly unstable, and feel more and more persecuted at this stage, and because of this, they make mistakes - spectacular ones, usually, because they no longer believe that they can make mistakes.

This was Trump in Helsinki, and in the couple of days since then when he gave an unconvincing explanation for what he did. He did the equivalent of shooting someone on 5th Avenue, and is beginning to discover that his followers may actually not be willing to cross the line of aiding and abetting the enemy. Many Trump supporters consider themselves patriotic Americans, and his actions with Putin are now making his followers re-evaluate things from the perspective that maybe the damned liberals WERE right about him from the beginning.

This won't be forgotten, especially in light of the revelations from today.
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