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Member since: Sat Dec 3, 2016, 03:31 PM
Number of posts: 1,497

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Liberal, gay, tree hugging activist whenever I can afford.

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Arizona state secretly funding anti-LGBTQ hate group

The Arizona state government is secretly funding an anti-LGBTQ hate group by selling specialty license plates on their behalf. The “In God We Trust” plate benefits the Alliance Defending Freedom, a group that files legal challenges to overturn nondiscrimination protections that include sexual orientation and gender identity.

The plate sells for $25. $17 of the cost goes to the hate group. The state has raised over a million dollars for the organization.

Alliance Defending Freedom defended Jack Phillips in the Supreme Court Masterpiece Cakeshop case to defend the anti-gay baker who refused service to a gay couple. They’re also notorious for filing lawsuits attempting to overturn local and state nondiscrimination laws.

The group has recently filed lawsuits challenging bans on “ex-gay” conversion therapy and defended a homeless shelter’s “religious freedom” to ban transgender people from the facility.

The state is not required to tell the public where the proceeds of the sale is distributed. State senator Juan Mendez has filed legislation that would require the state to create a public list of where the money actually goes.

The list would require the state to list the name and mission statement of each group receiving benefits from the sale of specialty license plates.

“The legislation establishing this license plate passed as a floor amendment with no discussion — there was no public awareness of what was happening or where the money was going,” says Tory Roberg, the director of government affairs for the Secular Coalition for Arizona.

“People who choose the ‘In God We Trust’ plate never know that they’re sending money to ADF. It’s not on the ServiceArizona website, it’s not in the statute establishing the plate, it’s nowhere.”

Mendez has also filed a bill to repeal the sale of the license plate altogether.

“What do people not understand about the inappropriateness of this kind of fundamentalist inspired, state-sanctioned discrimination?” says David Felten, a pastor at Fountain Hill United Methodist Church, told the local media.

“This is not just an abstract violation of church-state separation. It’s a very real rejection of Arizona’s LGBTQ people by the very government that is supposed to impartially support and protect all of its citizens.
Article copy/pasted from lgbtqnation site.

GENDA passes NY state senate


7 year flashback... Keith's "worst person" Don, FOK off.

Skip to 2:12
Oh, my how far we've all fallen.

A few graphs to share with your Trumper friends

Some may help illustrate climate change correlative facts vs. shorter term "weather" references. Same few, re-researched I printed for my late father a few years ago to help convince him Fox news is dispensing disaster Valiums. It only took these as reminders of articles he read long before the Alheimer's started setting in and Fox noise became an obsession (that my mother was sick of as well)

Percentage of U.S. land recieving short term heavy flooding:

If that isn't sobering enough, get a grip of this one:

Feel free to print it off for the next time Trump tell grandma everythings fine, nothing to see here...

Stop me if you've heard this one

Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama and a young school girl are on a flight when disaster strikes the plane and all occupants must parachute to safety, but there are only three parachutes. Oprah Winfrey says "I'm the richest woman in the world", grabs a pack and bails. "I had the greatest electoral college victory ever" spits Trump, grabs another pack and follows Oprah. Barack Obama turns to the school child and says "You are the future, our country's best hope" and begins to outfit the child with a pack, when the girl states "actually there's a future for you, too. Mr Trump jumped with my book bag".

6 a.m. PBS house map. Big, scary Orca coming to devour you, Mr Drumph.

Civic minded libido... LOL

Even if he's not quite up my alley, I admire Gus' convictions here:
And just enough added libido hint to doing his part to the religious reich!

Let's review: TDS staff via Trevor had you nailed at 1 week, Orange Joker.

Not one notion presented here nearly 2 years ago has evolved in pResident very-good-brain's world:

I call 1000 MAGA's shouting "Lock her up"-- a mob.

Kudos, Cody! He took the words right out of my mouth from 1:58 on.

Climate science, deplorables... science. period.

What I talk about to everyone I'm blue in the face also. DU'er probably all know the info here and actively take proactive steps.
HFC's!!! Really?? We're double f*cked.
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