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Member since: Mon Dec 12, 2016, 10:41 PM
Number of posts: 694

About Me

This is Catabryna. I've been around a long time. My name is Carole Brennan.

Journal Archives

I was married to a Republican...

There are worse things.

Lots of folks here at DU are close with people who see life from a completely different POV.

Group hug to all who work to weather the storm... with love.

Oregon votors overwhelmingly pass Measure 101

with 61% voting to save Oregon's Medicaid program in the face of inaction and division in Washington, DC. The monies come from an additional tax on hospitals and a tax on health insurance companies.

I wish it were easier for me to post a good link without retyping the entire URL, but I'm sure someone here else could do that.

I am one happy mom of a special needs kid, and I love, love, love my state!

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