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Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Sat Dec 17, 2016, 09:37 PM
Number of posts: 9,331

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Jill Wine-Banks

What a treasure . I could listen to her all day. She was just on MSNBC n I googled her. What accomplishments even tho I pretty much knew her from Watergate scandal. What say you?

Who could put out a PSA to kids

Who think their life has no meaning by showing the reality of kids who shot up schools n what their life is like in prison. Tell it like it is. There are resources before you absolutely have no meaning in life. No messing around b/c kids know fluff. Something has to be done before they take this act to destroy lives. Show the reality of what their actions do. Not just theyíre going to jail but lives lost n shattered. Do you think it would do any good?

Got my Moderna booster jab today

Thanks to my DU friends who shared their experiences.. I went in with a positive attitude. Got it this afternoon..canít even tell as with my other two injections..Iím not gloating.. just saying I took advice and drank lots of water. Now.. Friday, I get lab work for my thyroid n Iím back on water after tonight as Iím treating myself to some wine after days of being prepared. A little of this n a little of that.. thanks Friends

PBS World

Just had Airplay Rock n Roll about the history of music on what is now XFM or Sirus..the beginning of what we have now. Very interesting how they overcame the establishment playing songs that had protest, drugs, sex and what was censored back in the early days. Sometimes I just gotta break away from 5he goings on in the political world n take a deep breath. Music. Works every time.

I'm turning off the tv

And have Pink Floyd blasting thru my house. My cat understands. Music soothes the soul n Another Brick in the Wall does it for me. Then, Dark Side of the Moon.. Iím in a good place..I cannot n will not get wrapped up in the what ifís. Either we put our energies into change or we donít. Ranting n raving doesnít change a thing. Way before the 2016 election, I told my friends., weíre gonna repeat history with this guy..Iím beyond sick I said that but even more sick with what Iím seeing. Iím 74..still have fight in me for my grandchildren who donít have a clue. I feel helpless but not hopeless. What can we do besides the same olí go to the polls?
Shine on you crazy diamonds...

The best..

Welp.. if one were to think...

Virginia was the only one having elections today. The media is a two edged sword and protected by the Constitution. High time they lived up to this distinction. And protection.

Does anyone know who the congress people are

That was rejected from landing in Afghanistan?

Apologies my du friends

Iíve googled n still canít get what Kracken is.. any help is appreciated .. hope I spelled it correctly

Is this true?,

Flipping the tv stations, I landed on Fox n TFG was taking credit for the successful space flight this morning. Did he have anything to do with it?
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