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Gender: Do not display
Home country: USA
Current location: Florida
Member since: Sat Dec 17, 2016, 09:37 PM
Number of posts: 9,331

Journal Archives

A call out for information

The Florida fish n wildlife are considering a proposal for the public to hike, camp n trail thru panther habitat in Collier county, Florida. I am not a techie but I read it tonight and am distressed. I have posted my objections on their website.. people are the problem to our fragile environment here. After hiking n camping comes vehicles n then itís too late. Anyone know where I can get in touch with those of like mind? Our precious wildlife is being concreted, hiking trails, and next will be vehicles trying to get a glimpse of panthers. Our manatees are endangered.. our everything Florida is going by the way of development.. progress n I disagree. How can I help. Iím not happy n have complained but Iím not being heard

Please explain this..

President Biden is in Surfside, Florida, today to console n get information on the collapse of the high rise condos. He is somber, trying to tell the community heís 100% behind them in their grief n will put all resources for them. Then..the press has questions..Ēwhat are your thoughts about the indictments..Ē. What do you think about .. I am all for the free press but.. is this the time or place to ask politics? Isnít this insensitive? Who sends them there to ask such questions? This just irks me..not just this occasion but all the time. These questions have nothing to do with the venue. Is it just me or is this just too much? Biden should say..Iíll get back with you on that n shun them. What say you?

Welp..I took a break from it all tonight

And caught up with ďSchitts CreekĒ so damn funny. Iíll get back to the madness later

Jacksonville bridge turns off lights

B/c of backlash for Pride month. My apologies..I m not a techie n donít know how to get this here.
Our governor was not pleased so lights out. Please help out my DU friends.

Guillani-barre syndrome

My good friendís neighbor was a night owl..she loved reading late in bed to fall asleep. One night in September 2020, she had fallen asleep n went to get up for the bathroom n shut off the lights n could not move. She has been paralyzed from her chest down ever since. Asking for a support system for her or..where can she get good care to maybe survive this. Sheís 61 n lives in sw Florida but no one here seems to know where she can get the care she needs. I think the system has failed her. Any suggestions n I will pass them on to my friend. Thank you.

Every Friday evening

I try to catch the CBS nightly news..for one reason. Well..I do like Nora Oí Donnell but the real reason is ď on the road with Tom HartmanĒ. His folksy reports are worth the wait. Sometimes I laugh, cry or get inspired..after all the news, this is usually a great feel good story. So..Iíll watch tonight n hope if you do, youíll enjoy it, too

Had my first Moderna shot yesterday .. n slept all day

I donít know what happened to today..I slept..all day! I had to make myself get up n stay up.. anyone else? No fever, no side effects..just sleep. I feel fine n happy to finally get my shot. I know we all have different reactions..Iím just wondering..

A question about c-19 shot

After many times trying, I am scheduled for my first Moderna shot tomorrow. I have lab work at 9:00 n then my first shot at 2:00. I have been on thyroid meds for 30 plus years but feel Iíve done my homework about that. Any friends here with the same apprehensive feelings and how are ya doing. Low thyroid but have it under control. Iím happy to finally get my appt but just wondering how others fared. Aggg..I say apprehensive but really Iím good..ya know.. the unknown n all..🤗

"This cannot be the future of America"

Did not see this moving speech by Rep Raskins until just now. Iím moved beyond words for this manís pain.

Thank you

First..Iím not a techie but off n on for a couple of years, Iíve visited here. I had family obligations when I found you. Iíve been at home with you for a while n hearts started popping up n I got one! Iím beyond happy to be considered n I just now learned how I can participate. Thanks so much for being so kind to newbies like me.. itís my birthday month on top of it all so thank you so much. Iíll try to catch up with this great DU family. 🙏🏻
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