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fescuerescue's Journal
fescuerescue's Journal
March 20, 2018

Trump is the second President of the Social Media age

And he weaponized it and pointed that weapon at our heads.

Using it to collect untold riches from foreign governments, and turn our own psyches against it.

This alone is reason enough to impeach him, and ban candidates from social media.

March 1, 2018

When Trump is impeached, what if he refuses to leave office?

Like any game of chess, it's important to think past the next move.

I'm convinced that Trump will be impeached, sometime in the next year or so. However, our assumption that he just packs up leaves needs to be examined.

This is a guy who had the Russians steal the election for him (or at least was the recipient of Russian action), so it only follows that he(or Russia) would resist impeachment when it comes to that.

What if he orders the Military to enforce his rule (using generals he installs/promotes)? What if he mobilizes the NRA in support?

I know it's easy to say "one step at a time, we'll worry about that later", but we really do need to some succession and follow on planning.

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