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Member since: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 01:42 PM
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The Irony of Houston for the Republicans...

They are going to need that "administrative state" like never before for the Harvey recovery. FEMA, EPA, various departments under HHS, the SBA and on and on...

If they keep gutting these Agencies, Houston will be the end of the GOP's hopes to hold on in 2018.

The worst thing the media can do with Bannon...

Is run a story every time the man farts. That is truly what helped Trump. While the MSM was running what they thought was a sideshow 24/7, they were actually legitimizing Trump as a Candidate. Bannon is undoubtedly aware he is going to get a lot of free publicity, way beyond the reach of Breitbart, in the coming weeks.

No. Resignations. None.

None from the Administration, none from the Cabinet. Only from a fake Board and Counsel that didn't even meet.

The rats aren't fleeing, the ship ain't sinking. Stop believing these people have a conscience or that Trump supporters, or even many Republicans, are going to abandon him. Just another day riding the Trump Train.

The President blamed the "alt-left" while denying the existence of an alt-right...

Did anyone notice that?
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