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Member since: Tue Dec 27, 2016, 06:47 PM
Number of posts: 9,143

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Russian stocks, U.S. banks remain clear winners in Trump trade

"As U.S. stocks continue stubbornly to carve out records since Donald Trump’s November presidential election victory, financial and industrial stocks remain the clear winners while utilities and consumer staples lag behind. But, it appears the biggest beneficiaries since the election have been Russian stocks.

As a benchmark, the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.59% has advanced 9.8% since the Nov. 8 election, a span of 62 trading days, while the S&P 500 SPX, +0.58% has risen 7.7% and the Nasdaq COMP, +0.58% has gained 10%. Since Trump’s Jan. . 20 inauguration (or 14 days of trading), the Dow has gained 1.6%, while the S&P 500 had advanced 1.4% and the Nasdaq has advanced 2.6%.

One benchmark however, has at least doubled that performance since the election, namely, the Moscow Exchange, or Micex, made up of Russia’s 50 largest companies. Since the election the Micex has jumped nearly 30% in U.S. dollar terms and nearly 20% using the Russian ruble, according to FactSet data. Since the inauguration, it has gained 5.9% in U.S. dollar terms and 4.9% in rubles.

The biggest heavyweights on the Micex, the natural-gas giant Gazprom OGZD, -1.65% Lukoil LKOH, +5.19% and Sberbank of Russia SBER, -1.19% have generally outperformed their American counterparts. Since Trump won the election, shares of Gazprom have risen 4.8% in local terms, while Lukoil shares have jumped 10% and Sberbank shares have leapt 19%. In comparison, shares of Exxon Mobil Corp. XOM, +0.44% have declined 4.7%, Chevron Corp. CVX, +0.61% shares have gained 4.4% over the same period. Shares of the largest U.S. bank by market cap, however, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. JPM, +1.44% have rallied 23%.

A rush into Russian assets is also.... "


Does this explain the media silence on the Trump - Putin connection?

Translation of Trumps Speech to Law Enforcement for the Obedience Impaired

"And I don’t ever want to call a court biased, so I won’t call it biased. And we haven’t had a decision yet. But courts seem to be so political, and it would be so great for our justice system if they would be able to read a statement and do what’s right. And that has to do with the security of our country, which is so important."

Translation - why can't the courts just rubber stamp whatever I decree? If I get away with what I'm trying to do, you won't have to worry about courts anymore. We will be like russia with a nearly 100% conviction rate.


"But the law enforcement people said to me, oh, you can’t give a notice, because if you give a notice that you’re going to be really tough in one month from now, or in one week from now — I suggested a month and I said, well, what about a week? They said, no, you can’t do that, because then people are going to pour in before the toughness goes on. Do you people agree? I mean, you know more about law than anybody, law enforcement. (Applause.)"


People are going to "pour in" because I want my idiot base to remain ignorant of the fact we have an immigration screening process in place already than can take from months to years to complete.

"You know more about law than anybody", especially lawyers and judges that get in my (our) way.

"So I’d like to begin my remarks with a declaration issued to all of you, and delivered to every member of the law enforcement community all across the United States. My message today is that you have a true, true friend in the White House. You have. (Applause.) I stand with you. I support our police. I support our sheriffs. And we support the men and women of law enforcement. (Applause.)"

Zieg HEIL!
I, the Trumpenfuhrer, vill get der volk to worship our authority!

Right now, many communities in America are facing a public safety crisis. Murders in 2015 experienced their largest single-year increase in nearly half a century. In 2016, murders in large cities continued to climb by double digits. In many of our biggest cities, 2016 brought an increase in the number of homicides, rapes, assaults and shootings. In Chicago, more than 4,000 people were shot last year alone, and the rate so far this year has been even higher. What is going on in Chicago?

We cannot allow this to continue. We’ve allowed too many young lives to be claimed — and you see that, you see that all over — claimed by gangs, and too many neighborhoods to be crippled by violence and fear. Sixty percent of murder victims under the age of 22 are African American. This is a national tragedy, and it requires national action. This violence must end, and we must all work together to end it."


Blacks commit all crime and I hereby declare open season.

They’re working against you. For many years they’ve been working against you. We must support them, not undermine them. And instead of division and disunity — and which is so much disunity — we must build bridges of partnership and of trust. Those who demonize law enforcement or who use the actions of a few to discredit the service of many are hurting the very people they say that they want to help. "


The people are the enemy. We will give you everything you need to crush dissent and proteat.

You know the illegals, you know them by their first name, you know them by their nicknames. You have that power. The federal government can never be that precise. But you’re in the neighborhoods — you know the bad ones, you know the good ones.

I want you to turn in the bad ones. Call Secretary Kelly’s representatives and we’ll get them out of our country and bring them back where they came from, and we’ll do it fast. You have to call up the federal government, Homeland Security, because so much of the problems — you look at Chicago and you look at other places. So many of the problems are caused by gang members, many of whom are not even legally in our country."


It's perfectly o.k. to abuse power and act as vigilantes to further my fascist agenda.

"So there it is, folks. It’s as plain as you can have it. I didn’t — and I was a good student. I understand things. I comprehend very well, okay? Better than I think almost anybody. And I want to tell you, I listened to a bunch of stuff last night on television that was disgraceful. It was disgraceful. Because what I just read to you is what we have, and it just can’t be written any plainer or better. And for us to be going through this — and, by the way, a highly, highly respected judge in Boston ruled very strongly in our favor. You heard that."


I am a complete narcissistic asshole.

Thank you. God bless you. And God bless America. Thank you very much. Thank you. (Applause.)"

9:44 A.M. EST


Fuck you, America.

Hope you enjoyed your democracy.

Mark this date and time in history as the beginning of your police state


Trump is on t.v. right now announcing the police state

Here we go.

Kapersky Labs - Now Sponsor of NPR

Heard the sponsorship ad this morning, right after repub representative Michael Johnson spoke on why Trumps muslim ban is a-o.k..

Here is an interesting opinion on Kapersky - your mileage may vary.

Technically, Kaspersky is probably the most sophisticated information security organization. They caught both Stuxnet and Flame (super-sophisticated, state-sponsored super viruses designed to avoid capture) before anyone else. They offer a great product at a great price, with half decent support. On top of that, Eugene Kaspersky is Russia’s version of Bill Gates meets Steve Jobs. In short, he’s a tech-savvy genius with a personality, and now he’s one of the richest men in Russia. So why should you avoid using Kaspersky like the plague?

In short, you should never install this program on your machine because of one simple reason: corruption. First, Eugene was a spy. He studied at the KGB backed institution, “Institute of Cryptography, Telecommunications, and Computer Science.” After this, he became an “intelligence officer” (AKA Russian Spy). He is entirely, absolutely opaque about both his time at the “educational” institution, and his military service. No transparency: the Russian way of doing things.

Had Eugene moved to Sweden to follow through with his fascination with computer viruses, and to start his company there, I would not write this article. Had he renounced government intrusion in a company dedicated to a public interest, I would also not write this article. But in fact, Kaspersky is run from Moscow, and Eugene is not behind bars, which is all the proof that anyone needs: Kaspersky–the man and the company–works with Putin and his crime organization."


Daily Morning Republican Liars on NPR Now

Yesterday morning, we were treated to....

"David Greene talks to Tom Nichols, an author and professor at the Naval War College, who says the public and the media need to take a step back and a long breath when thinking about President Trump."


This jerk actually said that when the Clintons left the White House, they trashed it and removed all the W's from the typewriters.

Not a peep from David Greene objecting to these "alternative facts".

The clock alarm went off at 6:30 this morning, and to my absolute amazement, I was listening to...

"Republican Rep. Mike Johnson Calls Trump Travel Ban 'Common Sense'

Audio will be available later today.
February 8, 20174:50 AM ET
Heard on Morning Edition
Steve Inskeep talks with Republican Rep. Mike Johnson of Louisiana. He's among many supporters of President Trump's immigration order who say it is a matter of common sense."



NO REBUTTAL from a democrat, or opposing viewpoint.

Inskeep did point out some of Trumps "FASLEHOODS".

The GOP is going to take NPR down anyway.

Why aren't they fighting tooth and nail?

Or has a deal been made?

"Supported by LISTENERS LIKE YOU"!

Trump makes false statement about U.S. murder rate to sheriffs group

President Trump met Tuesday morning with a group of sheriffs from the National Sheriffs Association, a group that consists of more than 3,000 sheriffs from around the country. And to this sworn group of law enforcement veterans, with reporters taking notes, he again repeated a falsehood about the murder rate in America.

Trump told the sheriffs, “the murder rate in our country is the highest it’s been in 47 years.” He blamed the news media for not publicizing this development, then added, “But the murder rate is the highest it’s been in, I guess, 45 to 47 years.”

The country’s murder rate is not the highest it’s been in 47 years. It is almost at its lowest point, actually, according to the FBI, which gathers statistics every year from police departments around the country.


There is nothing normal about this.

This evil bastard hopes if he just keeps lying long enough and often enough, people will become numb and stop calling him on it.

NPR Morning Guest Repeats Myth that Clintons Trashed White House, Not Challenged

"David Greene talks to Tom Nichols, an author and professor at the Naval War College, who says the public and the media need to take a step back and a long breath when thinking about President Trump."


This jerk actually said that when the Clintons left the White House, they trashed it and removed all the W's from the typewriters.

Not a peep from David Greene objecting to these "alternative facts".

Watching the Super Bowl gave me Hope

This country we live in really isn't about the haters.

We are much better than that.

Trump and his foul retinue may raise hell and spread misery, but they will never corrupt the heart of the vast majority of America.

Bowling Green Historic Marker Erected

Greek Playwright Anticipates Trump

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