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Member since: Thu Dec 29, 2016, 11:41 AM
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A bloodhound's choice: The terrorism leads back to the White House.

1. The bombs are being manufactured and distributed by an ORGANIZATION. It can no longer be considered to be the work of a lone terrorist. The logistics aren't conducive to that kind of thinking.

2. Assuming that they deserve their reputation, the FBI/DHS/NSA already KNOW who's making, distributing, and planting the bombs.

3. That arrests haven't already been made suggests that a delay in doing so is deliberate.

4. The delay in "cracking the case" is because of the "sensitive" nature of the discoveries.

5. The reason that there's "sensitivity" is because law enforcement found that the evidence leads to one of the Trumpy organizations or an associate of Trumpy or a Trumpy family member.

6. The reason that Trumpy isn't making a major national speech decrying the terrorist attacks is because he's supporting the attacks and the attackers.

7. By telling the media to change their ways "Fast", Trumpy is threatening the political opposition with further threats and actual violence. Trumpy is the shadow commander of the domestic terror organization.

8. As if this post isn't filled with enough "wild speculation", here's another: Trumpy Jr. is directly involved. So is Eric Prince. Both are providing (at a minimum) technical assistance to the organization that's terrorizing the political opposition. The organization is at least loosely affiliated with the Proud Boys.

Based upon what we currently KNOW, and what the information stream suggests, I'm estimating that these speculations are about 70% accurate. But the general drift of the data is clearly pointing toward Trumpy's support of these domestic terrorism events, and, logically, his tacit approval-- at a minimum.

Let's remember that Trumpy practices evil. There are no redeeming qualities. He has no intention of doing anything that's helpful to 99% of the population. He never did. He's bent on destroying the lives of his opposition, the same kind of driving force that he's shown for decades. Every target of the bombs is also his rhetorical target. Every one. And he's not relentlessly condemning the terrorism, which is what he MUST do to convey an appropriate message. If he's not totally committed to stopping the terrorism, he's giving it all a wink and a nod in the same way that he acknowledges white supremacists, neo-Nazis, the KKK, and Russian interference in the elections. It's a logical part of his plan to consolidate his power.
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