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Member since: Sat Dec 31, 2016, 10:28 AM
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Learn from Bernie AND Trump about policy positions

I want to make a point about general "liberal policies". Take Medicare-for-all (while allowing private insurance) is now Democratic standard policy and quit popular at 70% in the general public. Leaving off the discussion about allowing private insurance, what was recently a far left policy is now mainstream and frankly a strong issue for Dems next year. And we frankly need to give Bernie his due in getting this policy the traction it has. What has Bernie taught us? Well two things; First, name your policy so it is easy to understand and to conceptualize. Medicare-for-all accomplishes that. The second is that people, given time and social exposure, are persuadable on individual policy positions. For another example pot legalization has also gained a lot of support without any real political party support. America has really changed on a lot over several issues over the last 5 years. Even Trump has championed issues that are totally contrary to conservative dogma. His "Build the wall" moniker is branding-wise similar to Bernie's Medicare-for-all.

I love AOC but I believe she totally miss-named the Green New Deal. Let's give it the Bernie treatment. I believe the Green Tech Economy is much better. It can be shortened to Green Tech or #GreenTech for informal references. FDR's New Deal was his response to Hoover do-nothing economic policies, it was very effective for that time. But it doesn't translate well. Talking about building technology and the economy will play much better. It changes the talking points from a government program to a broader economic movement

In summary Dems, don't be afraid to push good policies but just be prepared to articulate and brand them well.

Will attack ads on Trump be effective?

I would love to see some analytics to this question. Clearly there is plenty of material. My hypothesis is that many of Trump supporters live in a echo chamber of right wing media and social circles. So if they are exposed to a high volume of negative ads, a small percentage can be persuaded. The overall needle will likely only move a few points but Dems can be on offense forcing the GOP to play defense. By just having a large of cache of material and staying on offense maybe all we need to secure a win. Added bonus, Trump's rural base is much cheaper to reach then his need to reach urban/suburban.

It would be great if the DNC ran a test media campaign in a rural Trump area to test effectiveness.

This election is baked. Dems can nominate a kangaroo

Nothing is changing America's opinions on Trump and this election is only about Trump.
Trump says he could shoot somebody on 5th avenue and his support would not drop (he's right).
But Dems can nominate a kangaroo and the outcome also will not change.
Trump's favorable/unfavorable is about 41% to 54%
The 5% undecideds are LYING, they mostly support Trump but are too embarrassed to admit to pollsters.
GOP voters, as always, will show up to vote.
Fortunately for Dems, voter turnout and GOTV will be easy. We just must to the work!!!!
We can run a fairly liberal platform with no risk. So we can nominate who we want.

54% with high GOTV is a winner for Dems.

Your homework. Talk to coworkers, friends and acquaintances and ask if they are registered to vote. Register them to vote and then follow up with them.

The only REAL variable will be urban/suburban voter turnout. Will it be high, super high or insanely high. That's what will make the difference between a close race and a blowout.

Dem Policy: Employers should be required to provide free EV charging stations

A mandatory workplace EV charging program will help alleviate several challenges to Green Energy adoption.
1. Charging EVs during the day when renewable energy is most available.
2. Increase the ease of use of EV
3. Subsidized fuel to employees should be strong incentive to increase EV adoption.

The policy proposal is to require 2% of parking spaces at all commercial buildings to have EV charging stations. This would increase over time as demand increases. In multi tenant buildings it would be based on the total number of parking spaces. It would be the landlord that is required to install the EV stations The landlord could negotiate with the tenants on cost sharing based on usage. If no tenant agreement can be made the landlord would be legally allowed to add a surcharge to tenants.

Stay on message: How we pay for universal healthcare is irrelevant

US healthcare costs 2.5 times the average per capita cost of other industrialized countries. All these countries have some variation of a single payer and most provide universal healthcare. The current US healthcare system literally could not have a worse financial model. We have neither the advantage of competitive pricing nor a government negotiating pricing.

If Medicare-for-all reduces that number. Conversation over. Drop the mic.

Stay on message Democrats. Don't let the media devolve discussion into if it is raising taxes vs an insurance premium. That discussion on how we pay for healthcare has as much meaning as deciding between using a credit card vs a debit card.


Comedian for VP

Hillary's defeat started with her choice of Tim Kaine as her VP. Tim is a fine person but he was even dryer then Hillary and lost to Pence in the VP debate. Democrats need to be thinking aggressively in 2020 and need a strong attack dog in VP. Choosing another dry politician for VP could be catastrophic. I suggest going outside convention and choosing a comedian (or at least in that genre of skills). If either of Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Samatha Bee, Seth Meyers et al would be available. I think they would be killer at counter attacking Trump's antics.

No deal Brexit good for Democrats

Nearly all economists agree a nondeal Brexit will cause an recession. Considering the US economy is on thin ice. A UK and EU recession will exacerbate a weakening US economy, which is bad for Trump. The premise is a curtain percentage of Trump supporters have overlooked Trump's antics as long the US economy is going OK. But will finally give up if that is faltering.

Stop calling Trump a racist

Having in-laws from Louisianan, I can tell you that racists don't care if you call them racists. It's not going to change their minds. What Trump and supports don't like being called? Stupid. Every racists I ever met is intellectually insecure, for good reason. I brutally attack their world view questioning their intellect. I don't try to reason with them, I go straight to insulting their intelligence.

For example:
Their constant miss use of words. My response is "Would you please learn the fucking English language. Maintaining immigrants in a large camps for political purposes is literally the definition of a "concentration camp". Read a dictionary if you don't understand English. It must be embarrassing that AOC understands English better then you."

"Are you going to mow my fucking lawn and clean my fucking house? I know my quality life depends on immigrant workers. At least I treat these workers with respect. Is your career so pathetic that you feel threatened by people who can't speak English?"

Tell me 3 things the Trump did that you think are "smart"?

The GOP is party that denies science. If you're going to deny evolution, deny the age of the universe much less deny global warming. I really don't give a fuck about what you have to say next. The GOP is an embarrassment for white people.

You claim your a Christian who supports Trump but you wouldn't know Jesus if he came down in kicked you in the ass.

Today's News Cycle: Daily Trump BS, No impeachment Proceedings

Another day, more Trump BS about whatever. While impeachment proceedings would dominate headlines.
Sure Nancy P wins a news cycle here and a news cycle there. But impeachment would drive headlines deep into the election.
It would force news to cover the facts of the wrong doing and not Trump spin.
Out of the jaws of obvious victory Nancy grasps defeat.
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