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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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Do You Know Who Cassandra Fairbanks Is?

Just in case you've never heard of her, here are a couple of articles. It's like someone just flipped a switch and she went from very liberal to vilest magat overnight. Very interesting conjecture as to why.

Also debuting at Cleveland were memetic warfare advocate Jack Posobiec and Cassandra Fairbanks, a shape-shifting activist. In 2013, Fairbanks was an Occupy movement/anti-rape activist. In 2015, she spent months in Ferguson with Black Lives Matters. Her anti-police anarchist attitudes gained her the attention of Russian propaganda outlet Sputnik, for which she became a writer in 2015. At the time, she was a fan of Bernie Sanders and engaged with his campaign. A year later, just before Cleveland, she threw in with Trump, using her platform to convince other Bernie supporters to come with her. (And as the Mueller indictments would later detail, tapping into the leftist anti-establishment sentiment backing Sanders was a pillar of the 2016 Kremlin disinformation campaigns). In short, Fairbanks was the perfect "horseshoe"—using her anarchist political views to bridge left and right anti-government sentiments and, in this case, align them behind Trump. https://www.wired.com/story/information-terrorists-trying-to-reshape-america/

She was distinguished for her liberal campaigns and was known to post pictures and videos of protests against police brutality on her personal Twitter page and this caught the attention of the editor of a Russian-owned news site – Sputnik International.

She was a strong supporter of socialist Bernie Sanders who was Hillary Clinton’s rival within the Democratic Party at the time and stopped at nothing in promoting him while on the other hand, she posted derogatory tweets about Donald Trump.

Cassandra made headlines in 2016 when she shifted political allegiance from left to right. Her support with the Democrats began to chip away as Hillary Clinton progressed towards being nominated as candidate and the final straw that saw her shifting political stance was the mass shooting in June at a nightclub in Orlando which made her begin to take a cursory look at Trump and people who had been advocating censorship on the left.

In June 2016; she made public her support for Trump by posting a video in which she stated her views. There were opinions that her political transformation was fuelled by her employer, Sputnik. https://heightline.com/cassandra-fairbanks-bio-husband/

It's Not Fair! Women Put On Makeup And Look Beautiful. I Put On Makeup And Look Like...

Soooooo not fair!

I see physics in action

And now I have a headache!

It Turns Out Queen Elizabeth Was Wearing a GoPro

You won't believe what it recorded... or maybe you will.

This is what you get when you dress a pig in a tux...

Just bought a "pre-owned" Chevy Volt

Does that mean I'm revolting?

Note: I did not actually buy a Chevy Volt. I just saw one on the road and thought of the corny joke...

Introducing the Baroque Theorbo

If you are looking for a long, unwieldy instrument, try out this... Lot's of historical information about its development.

Sex is like a bank account

You put in. You pull out. You put in. You pull out. You lose interest...

Incredible Parkour video

Raise your hands all of you DUers who can do this.

Does Taste in Music Change? Become "Mature"?

Had the "top three bands on a desert island" conversation with my brother in law this afternoon. He told me he used to be into Zeppelin and The Who, but his taste in music changed. Yet he is still going to choose The Beatles as one of the bands he listens to on the island. That seems strange to me. Maybe it's because I started out on The Beatles when I was really young and then branched out into other rock bands? I thought of it as a progression (no disrespect to The Beatles.) Are certain bands commonly viewed as "immature" when people get into their forties or fifties?

Or maybe I'm venting because Zeppelin are rock gods!

Have You Ever Wanted to Change Your Name?

If so, how old were you? What made you want to change it? What did you want to change it to (if you actually had made a choice?)
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