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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
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More Things You Never Hear Deplorables Say

George and May Belle Lilywhite are concerned about minorities.

Bless you George and May Belle Lilywhite! You are so considerate!

What You Don't Hear Deplorables Saying

I wonder why that is.

One of My African Students Went on A Rant About America Today. It Was Hilarious and Fitting

First, some background. In this particular class is a row of three students from Africa. One is from Uganda. Another is from Cote d'Ivoire, and the last is from Togo.

After class this morning, I was outside the building talking to my student from Togo when the Ugandan student raced up and began ranting. First he wanted to know why American schools didn't make students wear uniforms. I told him that a few did but not all. He said that, in Uganda, all students had to wear school uniforms and cut their hair a certain way or they wouldn't be allowed in the school. "It makes them learn how to dress properly," he stated with the conviction of a curmudgeonly old man making observations about "today's kids". Next my student ranted about how Americans spoke English. "What is with you guys saying 'I'm gunna' or 'I wanna'; how do you even spell that?" He made it very clear that, in Uganda, everyone grows up speaking proper British English, not like in American where everyone is lazy and doesn't enunciate each word correctly. The student from Togo proceeded to tell a joke about the complexity of English in America. They both laughed at how seemingly uncultured Americans are.

All I could think of during this was "This is 'MURICA", speak English", and "shithole countries". Did I ever mention that I love teaching at this community college where the population is extremely diverse and everyone feels free to speak their minds?

I hate Maggie Haberman and Here's Why


NYT would be much better off without her.

What are todays stories re: Day of Silence?

Just googled it, and nothing came up besides something from yesterday about a protest against LGBT.

My community college observed yesterday. We had a big rainbow flag flying from the student center. There were all sorts of activities. The put out buttons with different flags representing different subsets of the community (that was highly informative for me).

But, unless I missed it, no stories have been posted here about DOS. What gives?

How long till we find out Rachel wrote racist remarks ten years ago?

Probably on paper napkins found in a shoe box buried somewhere near MSNBC headquarters.

These smears are continuing, and we keep falling for them. First Franken. Now Joy. Next Rachel. No, I haven't forgotten about the others (eg. David Hogg makes a Nazi salute). These are nothing more than RW memes of the day meant to sow doubt and confusion and destroy our greatest liberal voices.

So Rachel....
Don't believe it will happen? Just wait a couple months.

If you don't see what is happening, if the series of events don't fit together like well worn pieces of a puzzle, it is time to wake up!

Waffle House suspect Travis Reinking deemed himself a 'sovereign citizen,' part of anti-government

Link: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/04/22/waffle-house-suspect-travis-reinking-sovereign-citizen/540543002/

The suspected gunman on the run after riddling a Tennessee Waffle House with bullets dubbed himself a "sovereign citizen," before being arrested in July 2017 outside the White House.

Travis Reinking, 29, used that term which the FBI has also used to describe a group of anti-government extremists during a clash last year with the Secret Service, according to a police report obtained by USA TODAY.

Reinking told agents he needed to see President Trump and defined himself as sovereign citizen who had a right to inspect the grounds, according to an arrest report by the Metropolitan Police Department in D.C. He was arrested on an unlawful entry charge after refusing to leave the area.

In June 2017, Reinking threatened someone with an AR-15 then drove to a public pool and exposed himself to others, said the USA TODAY Network's Tennessean, citing police records. He has also threatened to kill himself and said he thought singer Taylor Swift was stalking him, according to the Associated Press.

This guy is completely bonkers!

Why does that term "sovereign citizen" keep popping up with these people?

How will the trumpanzees reconcile the Syria attack with their love for Russia?

Seriously, they loved Russia for installing tRump. Now we attack Syria, which is an affront to Russia. This is beginning to seem strangely like "Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia".

Will this woman remember her sign?

DU Logicians, Need Help Naming a Fallacy

This came up the other day. I know well enough that it is a fallacy, put I'm having difficulty nailing down the exact name of the fallacy.

Here goes:

George likes cats.
Cats are animals.
Therefore, George must like all animals.

It seems like generalization, but examples I've been looking at don't quite match up.

Do you know more about music than kids?

I found these vids on Youtube last night and became instantly addicted to them. There are dozens of them. They test kids' knowledge of music history, covering the 70s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s. I have to say that my own knowledge is lacking in some areas (luckily, my wife knows it all). Here is a sample, but there are many, many more:

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