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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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Is This The "General Strike" Everyone Is Talking About?



Beginning June 30th

No Purchases – Prepare In Advance


We are asking everyone to do the following:

Purchase only essentials

No big box stores like Walmart

Shop local, keep $$ in your community

No big banks

Start a coop (remember those?)

Continue through November

Democracy is on the brink of collapse. People are waiting for someone else to save our country who may never get the chance. We must show our illegitimate president & his party of Nazis that we're serious or they will never take us seriously. We are calling for a sustained peaceful strike beginning June 30th.

Just Had A Realization About "Civility"

The RW doesn't mean liberals should be "civil". They mean we should be "obsequious", "demure", "subservient". Any challenge to their authority is "uncivil".

This is RW "Civility". Fuck Them Straight To Hell!

The only way to wrest control of the narrative away from the right is to be uncivil. Protest, but make it ugly. Kick the assholes out of every business and make their lives pure hell. When they cry over it "Womp womp".

Tonight I Will Go To Bed Without Sending SHS My Thoughts and Prayers

That ought to really rankle. Do you think she will resign in the morning if we all do this?

Detainees Will Serve As Staff at Mar-a-lago

Reuters 6-23-18: ICE agents have reported that president Donald Trump has ordered some teenage detainees shipped to his house at Mar-a-lago to round out his staff. One agent, speaking confidentially, told reporters that the president had expressed his disapproval at how much money was being wasted on detainees without seeing any returns. "He told us that these kids should be put to good use instead of just sitting around crying for their mommies," the agent said. Reuters reached out to DHS secretary Nielsen yesterday, but she has not responded.


Here Is Why They Love Melania (old article)

This is two years old, but it is an article that I have had on my mind for several months now. Men like Melania because... well, she is the First Centerfold of the United States.

Meet the Men Who Want to Make Melania Trump First Lady: http://time.com/4439990/melania-trump-first-lady/

The group of five older men who announced the formation a new political group in a Manhattan restaurant Thursday had a long list of reasons for why Melania Trump should be the next First Lady.

“She would definitely be our most beautiful First Lady ever,” said nightclub owner Noel Ashman, wearing a sleeveless T-shirt. “Incredibly beautiful,” agreed Sammy Musovic, the restaurant owner who organized the event at his Upper East Side restaurant, Sojourn. “She’ll become a fashion icon, as was Jackie Onassis,” says Elliot Hurdy, “When she wore different clothes and stuff.”

The men, accompanied by three women who did not speak until asked, were forming a new group called “Let’s Move Melania into the White House.” This was not a campaign for Trump, they specified. This was all about Melania.

When asked if there were other reasons Melania Trump should be First Lady, besides her beauty, few of the men had much specific to say. “Every single thing that she’s gonna talk about is gonna help kids, is gonna help women, is gonna help things that have to be helped,” Musovic said.

A Shirt For Melania to Wear

Just a suggestion...a strong suggestion

Today Was The 2 Year Anniversary of Me Breaking My Back

For the second time! Very exciting!

Lesson learned: Do not ride your bike with your dogs running loose beside you. If you are bound and determined to ride your bike with your dogs, be absolutely sure that they do not have high prey drives.

My lab/rottie mix was running beside me when SQUIRREL! (yeah, that word has a special connotation for me). She darted after it, hitting my front wheel and knocking it 90 degrees. The next thing I knew, I had a familiar, deep down pain in my back. I had only felt that type of pain once before when I was 18. Yep, crushed T 10 vertebrae. Had to ride back to the car and drive 40 miles home. In fact, I didn't even go to the hospital until a couple of days later because I knew, I just knew, but I did not want to face that fact.

Oh well, two years down...

$50 Says That This Time Next Month

Baby jails will be a distant memory and we will be dealing with yet another catastrophe, this time of even greater proportions. Maybe an invasion of Canada.

And it will all be Obama and the Dem's fault.

Time to start holding the fuckers completely responsible for all their evil actions.

Detention Centers Seem A Good Subject for Billboards

Anyone know if there are plans for some? I did a quick check and couldn't find any. Wish I had the money to put some up.
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