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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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I'm Here To Tell You That Online Job Hunting Sucks!

Just had someone blow off a scheduled phone interview. Waited around all afternoon getting ready. Nothing. Still unemployed. Still looking. Still applying. What's the point?

I'm Here To Tell You That Online Dating Sucks

Yes it does. It's a scam, so watch out!

This is what I have learned from my very deep immersion into the online dating world... all as part of my sociological experimenting I assure you!

Have you ever rescued a stray animal?

I sort of did when I co-managed a youth hostel with my girlfriend back in the day. There was a feral kitteh who used to come by trying to get some love. At first she was really timid. Then she became a little bolder. Finally, she would come inside the hostel and get pets from everyone. That is, until the regional manager visited and shooed her away. That guy was a consummate asshole!

So have you ever actually taken in a stray, not from an animal shelter. A real life stray off the streets?

Self-Identified "Christian" White Nationalist Terrorism -- Please call it what it is

A manifesto posted online shortly before the attack and purporting to be by Earnest cites hatred of Jewish people as the motive for the attack, and takes credit for a separate arson attack on an Escondido mosque last month.

The manifesto author wrote that he was carrying out the attack on the synagogue because he was a good Christian.

'My god understands why I did what I did,' it read, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The author claims that Jewish people were responsible for the murder of Christ and now control the media and economy.

'Every Jew young and old has contributed to these,' it reads. 'For these crimes they deserve nothing but hell. I will send them there.'


I Will Defend My Country...

Three Dog Night -- The Road to Shamballa

So, DU Men, What Kind of Pomade/Hair Gel Are You Using?

Haven't used any in awhile. Looking to get back into it maybe. Tame the wild beast that lives atop my skull.

Fugazi -- Waiting Room (live)

Saw Fugazi in the mid 90s. Best $5 I ever spent! Proceed directly to mosh pit and don't leave for three full hours! I have no idea where Ian McKay gets his energy!!!

Motorhead -- Louie Louie 1978

Uncle John's Band sung by Joe Higgs

Oh yeah, baby, now this is pure delight!

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