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Member since: Sun Jan 1, 2017, 05:42 PM
Number of posts: 17,984

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List of little things you can do to make yourself and everyone else feel better

1. When you go to the checkout and the woman in front of you tells you to go ahead because you only have one or two items to her ten. It's not a big deal, but it means someone noticed you. Always, always ask if she is sure she doesn't mind. This also works in reverse you know. You can be the one to give up your place in line...

2. Finding a lonely dog someone left outside a store and petting him. He likes the attention! It will make you happy just petting him. You can also ask the people in the store if they have a water bowl for him. Around here, most stores have doggie water bowls available.

3. Help neighbors out with their car/gardening/stubborn stain/etc problems. For me it's always the car because that's what I know, and I have the tools to fix it. Pretty soon you will find that your neighbors are doing little things for you too.

What am I missing? Help me fill in some more...

Wart (What is it good for?)

What Makes Jimi Hendrix Such a Good Guitarist

I got chill bumps no less than three times while watching this. No one can touch Hendrix. No one.

Raw chicken breast crawls off restaurant table in horrifying video

The terrifying moment when a piece of raw chicken appears to come back to life on a restaurant table has been caught on video.

Footage shows a plate of raw meat on a restaurant table, including a piece of chicken that begins to twitch.

After hoisting itself upward, the carcass yanks itself off the diner’s plate as a terrified onlooker can be heard screaming.

People posted comments suggesting the movements were caused by nerve endings that had not yet died.

One person said “usually because the meat is so fresh the muscles can still move,” while a second added, “it was so fresh that some of the muscles are still firing off signals.” https://nypost.com/2019/07/25/raw-chicken-breast-crawls-off-restaurant-table-in-horrifying-video/

Zombie Chicken! I blame tRump!

What Makes John Bonham Such a Good Drummer?

I found this vid about Bonzo's techniques. All I can say is HOLY CRAP! Anyone who thinks they are just another rock band have not been listening at all.

The "Have You Ever Noticed" Thread

Sort of like the pet peeve thread, but more involved. This is the thread in which you describe something odd or annoying that seems contrary to logic.

It can be about a pet peeve: Have you ever noticed that people with the best/loudest car audio systems have the worst taste in music?

It can be something about pets: Have you ever noticed that dogs love to jump in lakes, streams, even sprinklers, but they are averse to going out in rain? (At least my dog is.)

It can be a Murphy's Law scenario: Have you ever noticed that, as soon as you take a shower, you will need to do something strenuous and get all sweaty again?

So let's hear your "Have you ever noticed..." insights.

The Vicious Doberman in the Parked Car

This evening I was out with a friend, running around doing errands, shopping for a birthday. We stopped off to get something to eat. I got a huge pizza and couldn't eat all of it. She got some ice cream and ate the rest of my pizza. Anyway, we were sitting outside eating our goodies when I notice a Doberman sticking its head out of a parked car. I did not see the owner get out. I really, really wanted to pet that Doberman badly. So, I got up, walked over to the car, saw that the windows were down far enough for the Doberman to stick its head all the way out. As soon as it saw me coming... out popped her head to get petted. No barking. No noise of any kind. Just sweet looks of loving the attention I was giving her. Then I saw a man approaching the car (the owner!) "What do you think, she's a pretty vicious attack Doberman isn't she?" he asked. We discussed the stories of our respective dogs. His was a rescue who had had heartworm when she was little. She had a lot of therapy. "But she never made any fuss. It didn't bother her at all," he told me. I told him about how my Ellie had come from a disreputable breeder here in Boulder. It became obvious his dog was hungry for dinner, so we said goodbye and he left.

Meanwhile, in the car parked two spaces over there were two fuzzy mutts that looked like the must have had some Australian shepherd in them. As soon as I got within two feet of their car, they let me know I wasn't welcome. Bark, bark, growl, bare teeth!

Isn't it strange how we associate the Doberman with a vicious attack dog and the shepherd mutts with gentle family dogs?

PS. Later there was a Chihuahua, but I'm already wary of that breed.

Do You Take Your Bottles to Recycling to Claim Deposits?

I can remember the last time I did that was something like 20 years ago. The strange thing is, I just looked up to see if there were any recycling centers that pay here in Boulder, CO. NOPE! Closest one is in Broomfield, about ten miles away.

So what gives? Is there just very little incentive if the deposit is only 5 cents?

So Who Has Had A Coffee Enema?

Lots of information out there. Lots of pros and cons... some say it can kill you.

And then Florida Man had to get in on it: Java to Go: Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas
Some people say they're addicted to coffee, but a couple in Florida has taken their coffee habit to a whole new level: coffee enemas.

Mike and Trina, who declined to give their last names (for reasons that may be obvious), are so hooked on coffee enemas that they use them to cleanse their colons at least four times daily, though Trina admitted using them up to 10 times in a single day, according to ABC News.

"I love the way it makes me feel," Trina told ABC News. "It gives me a sense of euphoria." Both she and Mike work from home — otherwise, their frequent enemas might not be possible. https://www.livescience.com/27011-coffee-enema-alcohol-enema.html

That's why I am turning to all the experts here on DU for advice about coffee enemas. Can I just go down to the Starbucks and order one up? Maybe this is a good use for the very patriotic new tRump straw?

I'm a left leaning Jewish person. I can't stand Israeli policy.

Should I go back to where I came from?

Which would be Texas.

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