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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 5,954

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As a proper send off to O'Reilly does anyone have the FUCK IT! video when he was on Inside Edition

Or what ever the hell it was?? Thanks for those posted but how about that disco version with the music sound track?? Anyone still have a copy of that??

How long until those voting irregularites start showing up in GA??

Wait for it......10..9..8..7

Health violations galore at Mar-a-lago kitchen...


Two of those were related to keeping raw meat -- such as the beef at the heart of Trump's beloved meatloaf -- in walk-in and reach-in coolers that were set above the mandated maximum temperature of 41 degrees.

The results of the January 26 inspection -- the first and only since Trump's inauguration -- were first reported Wednesday by the Miami Herald.
State sanitation and safety laws define high-priority violations as "those which could contribute directly to a foodborne illness or injury and include items such as cooking, reheating, cooling and hand-washing."
Another violation was for serving undercooked seafood that "not undergone proper parasite destruction," the inspector's report said. The inspector ordered the fish to be "fully cooked or discarded."

You have to pay $200 grand up front to be able to eat at this shit hole??

Got the TFR in place...Trump going to Mar-a-lago AGAIN this weekend.

The flight restriction starts today at 22.30 zulu---4:30 CST. So just how would Trump be at the Easter egg roll?? Like he would give a flying fvk about something like that anyway.

Well....there goes another one!!

Two gone.............Deputy Chief of Staff.


When Trump CLAIMS today that Ford jobs are because of him say BS!!

All of this is from a contract signed by the UAW and Ford on November 21st 2015. Pay raises and plants being built here and or staying here instead of Mexico.

Hmmm...who was President on that day??



Dozens show up for a Trump rally in Wichita. Bawhahhahahahaaaa

"Jack Williams and the 80 or so supporters of President Donald Trump who rallied in Wichita on Saturday said they didn’t care about what happened to Republican health care legislation on Friday."

LOL...oh so NOW they don't care if Obama care comes or goes eh?? I don't even see eighty there and this is in a SOLID Trump voting State.


Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/news/local/article140805828.html#storylink=cpy

Huh?? Republicans all in on bill to force Anti-Trust laws again on Insurance companies?!?!?

It passed the House just a bit ago. Am I reading this right?? Very few Nay votes. WTF??

The Competitive Health Insurance Reform Act (HR372) would make health payers liable to federal antitrust laws that protect consumers and competitors from unfair business practices

“It is the purpose of this Act to ensure that health insurance issuers are subject to the same antitrust and unfair trade practices laws that all businesses have had to comply with and to more effectively ensure that these issuers would be subject to Federal laws against price fixing, bid rigging, or market allocations to the detriment of competition and consumers,” reads the proposed bill.

$60,000 per day charged to local Palm Beach taxpayers each day Trump is there....

For overtime paid for his security. That town isn't going to have enough money to patch a pothole unless they raise taxes. Hope all you clowns that voted for him in PB still think it's worth it.

Well there's the TFR for Palm Beach,Fl for this weekend...AGAIN?!?!?

Temporary flight restrictions have to be posted in advance in PB when Trump is going down. Jesus Trump...ANOTHER WEEKEND at $3M bucks of taxpayer money.

Funny how SILENT his knuckle dragger voters are about all of HIS travel.
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