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Member since: Wed Jan 4, 2017, 07:15 PM
Number of posts: 5,954

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Pennsylvania people....

Just wondering...are the mountains that you encounter when flying due west from Allentown to Altoona the Allegheny's or the Pocono's?? Those are very nicely depicted when using the flight simulator in Google Earth.


AARP a "special interest group" according to Spicer..............

Eh..whatever Sean. They care about the SURVIVAL of seniors and that each and everyone who needs AFFORDABLE healthcare receives it. Your Paul Ryan health care plan will insure countless will DIE. Go ahead and call AARP special interest,it makes you look like a bigger FOOL than you are now.

"We would love to have every group on board," Spicer said at his Wednesday press briefing when asked about opposition from groups like AARP and the AMA. "This isn't about trying to figure out how many special interests in Washington we can get paid off. It's about making sure that patients get the best deal."

ACA repeal---TAX CUT for the wealthy

If this isn't BAD enough Rand Paul is pissed because there is still some Obama stuff left in. Hope you DIE tomorrow Rand.

But wait Rand,all your RICH buddies get a tax CUT when this passes. Feel better NOW??

"Higher-income Americans could pay fewer taxes, get more tax benefits. The legislation would eliminate two taxes that Obamacare levied on the wealthy to help pay for the law. Nearly everyone in the Top 1%, who earn more than $774,000 a year, would enjoy a hefty tax cut, averaging $33,000, according to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center. Those in the Top 0.1% would get an average tax cut of about $197,000."


LOL...keep it up Trump,show the WORLD your bat$hit crazy!!!

My gawd....I LOVE this!!

I LOVE watching both of these REDNECKS sobbing after receiving prison sentances....

Oh my,that dude knows BUBBA is waiting on him and some big ole' arse whoppins.


I've seen people on The Walking Dead that look better than Bannon.....

Man what is with this guy and his looks???


Kansas House overides veto of Gov Sam Brownback

Source: Wichita Eagle,Topeka Capital

The House struck back at Gov. Sam Brownback on Wednesday, voting to override his veto of a massive package of tax increases to fill the states budget shortfall. Brownback vetoed House Bill 2178 in a news conference Wednesday morning after announcing his veto plans Tuesday night.

A little more than an hour later, the House voted 85-40 to override, clearing the minimum threshold of 84 votes. The Senate must also vote to override the veto with a two-thirds majority before the bill can be forced into law.

Brownback slammed the tax bill as a “punitive” increase. He called on lawmakers to work with him to find a solution and said his budget proposal offers a structurally-balanced budget by 2019 – a contention some lawmakers reject. He also called for lawmakers to look for savings.

Read more: http://cjonline.com/news/state-government/2017-02-22/house-votes-override-brownback-veto-tax-bill


Trust me,those of us here in Brownbackistan have been watching this like a hawk. Now the Senate MUST do their job which I have doubts will happen. There are 40 Senators,32 Rep and 8 Dems.

Does that guy (prop) Trump had come up on stage.......

look like he can afford a health care premium of $800.00 or MORE per month when Trump dumps the ACA and replaces it with nothing? He got a nice hug out of Drumph and now he can get ready for his screwing.

Time for the Trump Chicago bashing rant......

Trump wants a serious answer to this..............

He wanted to know that in 2014. Well HELL YES Trump,that's exactly why YOU need to go.

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