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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 04:35 PM
Number of posts: 1,432

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Damn, now that Sidney Powell isn't on the Trump legal team

we may never find out how Hugo Chavez's ghost helped rig with the election.

Wow, this so- called Trump "legal team" gets weirder by the minute

Supposedly Sidney Powell does not speak for them now?


It's hard to keep up with their lunacy.

These idiots trying to find voter fraud make no sense

If Detroit Michigan is known to be heavily Democrat, why would Democrats need to have voter fraud to win there? Wouldn't it pretty much be a given that a Democrat would win there anyway?

You would think if there was voter fraud (which there isn't) it would have taken place somewhere where a Democrat was bound to lose.

What am I missing here? And why don't these idiots just allow our democracy to work? This Trump shit has to stop!

Is this true? Trump's lawyer may have mistaken Minnesota precincts for Michigan precincts?

I saw this as a reply in another post and thought it should have a post of its own. The article starts off sounding like it's in Trump's favor. In fact at one point it claims there was voter fraud in the election. But as you read it, it starts to discuss how a mix- up in data from Minnesota may have been used to make complaints of voter fraud in Michigan.



This is the kind of bullshit we have sunk to in this country.

Rudy Giuliani, a supposed lawyer, said during his press conference today that if you live in Philadelphia "you knew", unless you were "stupid", that people would be coming over from Camden to vote. "They do every year" he added "happens all the time in Philly" he proclaimed without evidence. He also went on to explain it's allowed to happen because it's a "Democrat corrupt city".

So, Philadelphians, how many of you know this? How many of you are ignoring this because you are "stupid", as Rudy G. says you are?

I'm adding the sarcasm emote to my rhetorical question only. The rest is fact, as sick as it may be.

It's at the 18 minute mark if you care to hear his unethical rambling

Wow, Rudy just asked a reporter what "fake" news network she works for

What a jackass!

Rudy is in a press conference yelling at the press

He's yelling at them for not taking all his affidavits seriously and reporting them to the American people. I don't know what Rudy is talking about. I've heard the press talk about his claims a lot, basically reporting that judges are throwing his cases out.

The shit show is getting harder and harder to keep up with

Trump is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 for 19 in his lawsuits if you give him credit for the one that got thrown out in Pennsylvania, and he keeps trying to claim he lost the election to fraud.

Now Trump and his toadies want to throw out the votes in Detroit so they can win Michigan?

It's all too weird for me! I can't keep up!

Still I think it's very important that we all do keep up and don't let them do this without us knowing what they are trying to do.

Trump is a one trick pony, treating the election like it's one of his stupid "deals"

It makes me sick! He doesn't like "the deal" so he's going to act like he's in charge and make everyone wait. By not accepting the outcome he is exercising the only power he has left- that being to hold the country in limbo letting his followers stroke his ego for as long as he can. What a jerk! It will be so nice to have this moron gone.

Just had to rant...

Question about right wing misinformation...

I keep hearing right- wingers complaining that their posts are getting censored on facebook. Isn't it just that facebook is tagging the certain posts so as to warn against "possibly misleading" material? That's not censorship in my book, it's warning people that there is a lot of BS out there and to beware.
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