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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
Number of posts: 1,339

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The American people deserve better

Listen to the so-called leadership of this country. This an interview with the second highest official in this land. It shows a nervous Mike Pence trying to bullshit his countrymen. If you can't hear the outright gaslighting and bullshitting going on in this interview you're not listening.

I watched some of the Mueller report hearing today

From what I saw one side was bringing up facts contained in the report, and the other side was bringing up conspiracy theories about report. What the hell is wrong with this country?

I would like to see a new law in this country.

A new law that limits a president's pardon ability to only cases that don't involve the president. And, that the pardon power can never be used to manipulate a person's testimony, whether that testimony involves the president or not. I think after Trump we need this.

Here is the catch 22

Mueller can't indict because of the OLC, but Barr can clear Trump because of the OLC not allowing Mueller to indict.

Notice the double speak in William Barr's response to Mueller's televised statement yesterday.

"I personally felt he could have reached a decision as to whether it was criminal activity...the opinion says you can't indict...but he had his reasons for not doing it which he explained...but when he didn't make a decision the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and I felt it necessary as the heads of the department to make a decision."

This is total double speak. It starts with Barr saying he "personally felt he (Mueller) could have reached a decision". Then he contradicts himself by giving the reason Mueller didn't make the decision, then goes on to say because the decision wasn't made he (Barr) and Rosenstein did it as heads of the department.

Yeah, like he had no choice but to misrepresent the report.

This is the kind of slick bullshit Orwell warned about! Think about it.

Whatever happened with Mueller appearing before Congress?

Is that going to happen? I thought they had originally planned for this Wednesday.

I think I actually got through to a Trump supporter

I don't know if it will stick or not, but I got one to at least acknowledge the glaring differences between Barr's summary and the actual Mueller report.

The Mueller report is a good thing to use on Trump supporters because they have been preconditioned to think it totally exonerates Trump. If you show them how it actually does not exonerate, they just might start to feel a little foolish. This of course won't work on everyone, but I think it could actually open a few eyes. It worked at least to get a reasonable discussion out someone I know.

Try this on family and friends.

Does Trump think Russian interference never took place?

I think that would be a great question to ask him in future candidate debates.

In a nutshell the way I see this whole Barr thing, and please tell me if I'm wrong...

Somebody got surveilled while our intelligence agencies were looking into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Now, instead of concentrating on what was discovered in that surveillance, Trump's team is trying to cast aspersions on the surveillance itself, claiming that it might not have been done legally. And, while this is going on, no one is allowed to see an unredacted copy of the Mueller report, most likely because whatever is in it was obtained by the very surveillance effort those covering for Trump want to discredit. This is what my tiny lib- tard is coming up with.

Napolitano talks about Barr's careful language in his brief

I'm curious about something

Has Trump been pumping out a slew of self- aggrandizing tweets about the Mueller report? I'm not on Twitter, so I don't know. But usually I see his tweets posted on line somewhere. I have yet to notice any victory tweets. I would have expected at least a dozen tweets and a rally from Trump by now. What is going on in Twitter land with Trump? If he's not tweeting heavily about this, I'm thinking Trump knows something about that report he doesn't want the rest of us to know. Just wondering.
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