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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
Number of posts: 1,760

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What a cast of characters...

Let's see, we got the Q anon Buffalo Shaman, Zip- Tie Guy, The Podium Poacher, Bullhorn Lady, Confederate Guy, Fire Extinguisher Guy, and the Idiot In Peolosi's Office. What other standouts have I missed from last week's idiot parade?

It's great to hear many of them are getting arrested, and it's fun to know who they are instantly by their titles.


There's never a "last straw" with this guy

I thought this whole attack at the Capitol last week was going to make many in the Trump base pause and see Trump for what he really is. Sadly, I don't think that's happening at the level it should be.

Instead, his base is working overtime to perpetuate the lie that the election was stolen, and to excuse him for inciting the mob that stormed the Capitol. It is mind boggling how far out of the way they go to keep supporting him.

Whatever you think of Trump, he has some kind of weird power over his followers that keeps them from seeing what's really going on.

It truly is a cult.

Why don't the good leaders get this kind of support? Could you imagine if Trump had used his power for actual good instead of evil?

As usual their latest explanation doesn't pass the logic test

Rush Limbaugh is telling his listeners that Trump couldn't have incited the mob because the rioters first to enter the Capitol building left the Trump rally early to go start breaking in.

This is ridiculous because Trump's whole speech was inciteful and didn't rely on his last sentence to be what the mob responded to. Encouraging his listeners to form the assumption that this mob was waiting till Trump's last sentence shows how stupid Rush thinks his audience is. Those seditionists came to that rally prepared. Trump started inciting that riot well before January 6 through his tweets.

Nice try Limbaugh. You are part of the problem.

I'm posting this because I feel it is important to know what Trump's supporters are saying, so as to prepare those of you with Trump loving uncles who listen to this kind of skewed logic. It's always good to know in advance what they are thinking.

They are still promoting the lie that the election was stolen

I've been monitoring right-wing radio these days, and they just won't stop inciting these people. It is sick! Callers are allowed to make ridiculous claims without being challenged. They blame everyone but Trump.

The latest thing is they have taken one sentence out of Trump's whole speech before the riot where he says the word "peaceful". They keep playing it as if it was his message that day.

Right wing logic scares me

Just had a rightie tell me that the DC police were told by the "deep state" to allow the Trump supporting mob into the Capitol building to make them (the Trump supporters) look bad.

Where do you even start to talk sense with someone that tells you that?

Trump's riot isn't the only impeachable offense that should be brought up today

He also recently tried to pressure the Georgia Secretary of State to commit voter fraud for him.

Hey Republicans, if for some reason you can't see impeaching him for what he did,...

impeach him for what he didn't do! He didn't call the National Guard right away. That was a lie. He didn't act to protect his own capitol building from a mob! He friggin' watched it on TV, and allegedly tweeted about Pence during the melee.

Watching the impeachment hearing, wishing I could ask republicans a question

What the hell does the civil unrest incited over George Floyd being murdered on video by a police officer have to do with Trump inciting an insurrection? They are two separate things!

Just saw that Boebert from Colorado give her speech during the impeachment hearing

Why hasn't she been arrested for her part in the insurrection? I've seen her in pictures with participants prior to the riot? I've heard she tweeted the whereabouts of Nancy Pelosi during the riot?

edited to be fair to Boebert's age

WTF is wrong with this country

Just one week ago a planned insurrection encouraged by a sitting president took place in our Nation's Capitol, and all the dumb shits on talk radio can do is complain about not being able to post their seditious hate crap on social media!

Well guess what seditionists, if you're going to use your lines of communication for war, don't be surprised if your lines of communication become a fair target.

Just needed to rant.
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