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Member since: Mon Jan 9, 2017, 05:35 PM
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The two scariest things about the Q anon believers

1) They are being brainwashed to accept mass arrests.

How convenient for a potential dictator to have a large group of followers ready to turn a blind eye to mass arrests, surely a despot's wet dream come true.

2) They are being trained to follow blindly.

Q is some anonymous entity on the internet. This Q they follow could be anyone, not necessarily American, or even a friend to America. With their slogan "Where we go one, We go all", they are encouraging themselves to act like sheep and follow, even though they don't know who exactly it is they are following.

Just a few thoughts that have me worried.

Why the complicit liberal media never reports on Obama's crimes

There aren't any!

When they finally take a mug shot of Trump, I hope it's before they fix his hair

I know that may have sounded petty, but I've been listening to a lot right wing BS today.

Takeaways from Senate's Russia investigation.

Apparently there were many good reasons to investigate members of Trump's campaign.

At this moment Trump is taking credit for peace between Israel and UAE

Were they at war?

Trump is rambling again

I'll be so glad when this asshole is not president anymore.

Did the Trump administration enable a "pump and dump" with our tax dollars?

A "Pump-and-dump" is a scheme that artificially boosts the price of a stock long enough for the stock owners to dump their stock at a higher price.

From https://billmoyers.com/story/a-terrible-kodak-moment/

"The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating potential insider trading over the late July launch of Kodak Pharmaceuticals, a new branch of the old camera and film company intended to begin the process of bringing the production of drugs back to the United States.

Under the Defense Production Act, the Trump administration provided a $765 million loan to support the launch of Kodak Pharmaceuticals. The deal shot Kodak stock upward by more than 2,757%. But there was suspicious activity around this deal. The day before Trump’s announcement of it, the Eastman Kodak Company gave its CEO, Jim Continenza, 1.75 million stock options. Indeed, since May, when talks with the administration about manufacturing the ingredients for pharmaceuticals began, Kodak handed out 240,000 stock options to board members.

Kodak says the timing of the options was a coincidence: the board’s compensation committee meeting happened to fall on the day before the announcement. When asked by a reporter about what had happened at Kodak, Trump says he “wasn’t involved in the deal.” This afternoon, the co-director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement Steve Peikin announced he is stepping down. He did not give a reason."

Also on the subject:

There's a friggin' Trump MAGA ad in my email that won't delete!

Every other piece of mail in my inbox has a box you can check to delete, but not this f%#$ing Trump ad! Anyone know how to delete something in Yahoo mail that doesn't have a check box? I can hide it but it comes back the very next time I open my mail. I hate Trump!

For any Obama haters that might be lurking, especially if your name is Sean Hannity

I kept my doctor and my plan! Got that? And, my family saved at least $2,500 dollars a year because two of my sons were able to remain on my insurance until they were 26. So shut up about the only thing you think Obama lied about, because he didn't lie.

Shouldn't this be the time Trump starts firing people?

Somebody didn't brief Trump on Russia putting bounties on our troops! Where's the outrage? Who didn't tell him and why? Trump should be getting to the bottom of this!
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